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Marc Skelton is entering his ninth year as the head coach for Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School in the Bronx, NY. He has coached the Panthers to eight straight playoff appearances, three straight division titles, and back-to-back New York City Public Schools Athletic League Championship games. In 2013, Fannie Lou Hamer High School won the PSAL Class B City Championship and were finalists in the New York State Federation Tournament. His career record is 159-52.


Marc holds a degree in biology from Northeastern University and a Masters degree from Columbia University. Marc also contributes articles to and .

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Basketball Play - 3 ON 3 SERIES PART TWO


Marc Skelton 07/16/2016

The premise of this drill is to mimic quick action in early offense. This will improve your screening, how your guys/girls catch and shoot and read the defense. On the flip side your defense will be able to not let cutters cut without being bumped and improve communication. We play a game to seven. There are three options to this drill outlined below. Drill #1 is a UCLA cut. Drill #2 works on the Ghost Screen and drill #3 has a backdoor option. See More

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Basketball Play - Hamilton - Zone Horns

Hamilton - Zone Horns

Marc Skelton 06/16/2016

Ingite this set with a horns double screen. 5 dives and the 4 pops. 4 attacks and makes the x1 and x3 play him and kicks to the 3 or 5. 5 has the option to score kick out to the 2. If 3 receives the pass he can shoot, make x5 come out, attack and/or pass to 2 in the corner. See More

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Basketball Play - VULCAN (Roman God of Fire)

VULCAN (Roman God of Fire)

Marc Skelton 05/25/2016

This is a great competitive catch and shoot drill. You can use one or two partners and two balls-(one can be the passer and the other a rebounder). There are 5 spots on the floor-also 5 shots that are within most offenses. There are a few options for this drill: 1) First one to hit 5 consecutive shots wins. 2)How many can you make in 1 minute? 3) How many can you make in 2 minutes? Challenge: Shooter cannot move until he hits two in a row from each spot. If he misses more than three in a row he starts over. See More

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Basketball Play - 3 ON 3 SERIES


Marc Skelton 05/10/2016

A great drill that simultaneously improves your team and individual players offensively and defensively is a series of 3 on 3 drills. Offensively, we work on dribble hand-offs, cuts, shooting, passing, catching, screens, and timing. Defensively, we work on communication and the different ways to defend screens. I also like this drill because it helps to reduce turnovers. See More

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Marc Skelton 10/27/2015

This continuous game-like finishing drill works on 5 different moves from 5 different spots on the floor. These moves can be attempted at different spots using left or right hands. This drill also helps develop footwork (pivots), rip through, and ball fakes. We name the moves after NBA players as it is easier to remember and embrace. Bonus:1) Add Euro step 2) Add a blocking pad to finish with contact. See More

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Basketball Play - 5 game like 3-point shots

5 game like 3-point shots

Marc Skelton 10/26/2015

A competitive shooting drill that allows shooters to compete against each other and to work on FIVE game like 3-point shots: 1) catch and shoot, 2)show-n-go, 3 )transition, 4) floppy, and 5) L-cut movements. Drill emphasizes being "shot ready" and proper footwork (the hop vs. 1-2 step). It is essential to track shooters. Bonus: if a shooter goes 5 for 5 he can go again immediately. See More

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Basketball Play - Double Weakside Pin Down

Double Weakside Pin Down

Marc Skelton 12/02/2014

Cleveland Cavaliers coach is probably working overtime with his FastDraw account. He ran this play with Maccabi Tel Aviv this past season. It will work really well for Mike Miller or James Jones. And if Ray Allen signs with the Cavs you could see Ray coming off the staggered screen and LeBron setting a lot more screens this season. See More

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