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Basketball Play - The DRAG Offense - Basics

The DRAG Offense - Basics

Randy Sherman 06/29/2016

The Drag Offense - A simple, seamless four-out ball screen offense. These are the basics of the continuity of the offense. The Drag Offense features drag screens, roll & replace, high/low principles and elements of the dribble drive motion offense. For drive and space rules, breakdown drills, post & rip rules and entries into this offense check out the complete Drag Offense Playbook. See More

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Basketball Play - Syracuse - Orange SPNR Action

Syracuse - Orange SPNR Action

Dana Beszczynski 04/01/2016

The Syracuse Orange went from being a team outside the field of 64 to Final 4 contender in 3 short weeks. Jim Boeheim's team is peaking at the right time and with a lot fo athleticism, zone defense, and scoring punch, they present a difficult match-up for anyone right now. This is a nice action that flows out of the Fast Break with the SG going down and receiving a screen whereby he can pop and shoot if open or as in this situation, the big sprints to screen triggering the dribble drive attack. See More

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Basketball Play - Kentucky- UCLA Pin Stagger

Kentucky- UCLA Pin Stagger

Andrew Lacey 03/18/2016

Coach John Calipari is known for his Dribble Drive Offense. However, with the size and skill that he puts on the floor nigh in and night out he has the ability to take advantage of mismatches early in the possession. Often overlooked is his ability to create movement before the dribble drive concepts take place. Below is a nice 1-4 set that he used against Stony Brook that created multiple scoring options as well as opened up driving lanes. See More

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Basketball Play - Kentucky


Dana Beszczynski 12/08/2015

John Calipari has had 26 of his Kentucky players drafted in the NBA during his tenure in the Blue Grass State. In 2012 his Wildcats won the NCAA Championship. Last season, the Wildcats finished the season undefeated, but lost in the NCAA Finals to finish the year 38-1 with a perfect 18-0 record in the SEC. Calipari has been a Dribble Drive Motion guru at Kentucky and has tinkered with the system to fit his skilled players. In the last years, the Wildcats have incorporated some different looks to the system, but still like the drive and kick action of the DDM. This is a Diamond set which when executed through can provide many different scoring options. See More

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Basketball Play - UK Iso Blob

UK Iso Blob

Kevin Bruinsma 05/21/2015

Although a very basic play it accomplished exactly what UK was hoping for, 1 on 1 with the ball 15 feet from the rim in their best dribble drive player’s hands. In the video included you will see that #1 Booker took the ball out and didn’t run the play correctly. You can tell he screwed the play up because #5 Harrison in the corner of the court is pointing and yelling at him to run off the double screen being set by the 4 & 5. Booker entered the ball to #2 Harrison who popped back to catch the ball at the elbow. With a shooter in the ball side corner, and the in-bounder running off a double screen set by the two bigs it eliminates help side defense so that Harrison now can play 1 on 1 from 15 feet away from the basket. See More

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Basketball Play - Cleveland


Andrew Lacey 03/06/2015

We are a base 4-out team and we use a lot of dribble drive action in our motion. Here is an easy way to create a driving angle and backdoor. We run this after we run our "Trigger" set that has multiple drives to the elbow. See More

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Basketball Play - Oakland Overload

Oakland Overload

Kevin Bruinsma 02/10/2015

Oakland has made a commitment this season to throwing the ball in to the post to one of the best centers in the league #42 Corey Petros. Their offense has evolved from a dribble drive offense with moments of the Dick Bennett “Movers & Blockers” offense which we actually ran a bit during my time at Portland. Valparaiso has always doubled big to big on post entries so Oakland must have added a play to their arsenal before playing this game. The irony of it is they took the play from Valpo who has been running the overload play for years and added one wrinkle. With the guards cleaning out it opens up the over top lob pass for the 5 if they front. With the flare screen for the 1 it puts the PG as the only back side help and he is guarding the flare cut. When the ball goes into #42 Petros the 4 man #4 Hayes dives right to the rim as his man doubles the center. The only person on that side of the floor available to help is the point guard who is no match-up for a 6’8 power forward. See More

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Basketball Play - Pistol


Justin Scanson 12/24/2014

This is a great set to run out of transition or dribble drive. 1 can pass the ball up to the wing or dribble handoff to 2. 4 trails directly in to set an on ball. This is hard to guard for x2 who is managing a dribble handoff, traffic from 1 and x1 and then an on ball screen from 4. See More

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Basketball Play - 3 on 3 actions (4)

3 on 3 actions (4)

null null 10/29/2013

We use this drill to prepare for teams that run the dribble drive to defend some common actions we will see. Teams will run a screen the screener into ball screen, a dribble handoff into a ball screen, and a pitch from guard to guard into a ball screen. Each one of the actions can be difficult to defend, so coaches need to know how to play these. Coaches can double team, switch, go under screens and hand off, the options are up to each coach. See More

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Basketball Play - 3FTC Pick and Pick Offense

3FTC Pick and Pick Offense

Greg White 08/27/2012

I started thinking about this offense this summer and really like the options and flow it has. I have run dribble drive in the past. Our program currently uses the Read & React so I took the spacing, Layer 1 and added some ball screen options and a little confusion for the defense. The offense gives you the spacing to attack the basket, while incorporating ball screens that force your opponents to find the best way to defend the ball screen. I've attached a breakdown drill we will use and will post more later. If this offense is something you think might help your team, please contact me at See More

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Basketball Play - SSG: Drive React with DHO

SSG: Drive React with DHO

Zachary Weir 11/12/2019

This is a competitive Small Sided Game that works on both offensive and defensive skills all in one. This ultra competitive SSG that starts with a 1v1 competition and easily progresses to 5v5. The possibilities for progressions are endless. *New customers use code SAVE10 for 10% OFF Draw/Scout* See More

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