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Published 12/10/2021 by Matt Hackenberg Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

This is a breakdown of an offense we call "Flow." Flow is three guard, two forward offense that is a hybrid of a ball screen offense and dribble drive concepts. It has options to attack driving gaps and play pick and roll. I really think the roll and replace concept is hard to guard, and we often found the replacing big wide open at the top of the key. Obviously, playmaking guards are a centerpiece to this concept.

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  • Basketball Play - High Ball Screen Continuity Offense: "Flow"
  • Basketball Play - High Ball Screen Continuity Offense: "Flow"
  • Basketball Play - High Ball Screen Continuity Offense: "Flow"
  • 1-4 Low high ball screen. The weak forward needs to read the ball screen and replace to the opposite side of the penetration. Flow principles apply. Off of dead balls, it should be common to start here, and can use the 2 or 3 (best penetrator) to initiate. With the high flat screen, the guard wants to try to drive opposite of the show by the screener's defender. The screener can also use a late angle change.

  • Ball Screen Reads: 5 will set the first ball screen. We can invert the players in a dead ball setting or "exchange" them. 1 comes off hard to attack with multiple reads. The most consistent read should be the read of the help defender who is responsible for the replace man. 1's primary option should be to turn the corner and attacking to score or draw help to kick to the corner. 3's only options are to sit for a kick or lift. The roll should be made with "thrust" down the edge of the lane so the roller can seal to the middle of the lane for the hi/low.

  • We are looking to create off the ball screen by reading the actions and attacking. If we cannot create, we can either "Loop" (lead the player in the corner up the sideline with a pass away from the defense) with 3 or throw back to 4 replacing. With either pass, 1 fills corner and 3 lifts up getting us to our 4 around 1 spacing