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Michael Lynch is a History Teacher and Boys Basketball Coach at Leicester High School in Leicester, MA. He has been coaching at the high school level for the past seventeen years, including the last twelve as the Varsity Coach at Leicester. Coach Lynch has also run the Leicester Basketball Clinic, a fundamentals-based youth camp, for the past nine years. 

You can follow him on Twitter at @CoachLynch_21 and check out his Coach's Corner blog at
Also check out this Program Spotlight featuring Coach Lynch's Wolverines team along with his favorite drills and set plays.

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Basketball Play - Oral Roberts Golden Eagels - Full Court Play

Oral Roberts Golden Eagels - Full Court Play

Michael Lynch 03/28/2021

ORU ran this full court set with 2.9 seconds left, ball on the baseline, down 2 points. Oral Roberts was trying to get the ball to their PG & best player (1). Good Special Situations set to file away for next season. Check out the latest Plays of the Week below for more Upset #XsOs. FastModel's biggest offer of the year for new subscribers! Use code at checkout: MARCHMADNESS See More

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