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Jeff Dow is a 24-year veteran as a women's basketball coach, all at the collegiate level.  In 11 years as a head coach (10 at the NCAA Division II level and one as an interim head coach at the NCAA Division 1 level) he has amassed an overall record of 221-106 including six 20-win seasons, 6 NCAA tournament appearances, and 4 conference championships.

Dow's record in five seasons at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) was 108-40.  At the conclusion of the 2012-13 season he ranked 22nd among active coaches at the NCAA Division II level in winning percentage (.676) and 40th all-time.  During his tenure at IUP Dow's teams reached the NCAA tournament three times and won a first round NCAA game each time.  In his debut season at IUP (2008-09) IUP was ranked 7th in the WBCA Coaches Poll and went on to win the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC) post-season tournament championship while setting a school record for most wins, 26, by a first-year head coach.  In four of his five seasons at IUP Dow's teams were ranked in the top 25 in the WBCA Coaches Poll and ranked as high as 12th in the 2012-13 season.
Prior to IUP Dow was the head women's basketball coach for three seasons at Anderson University (SC) from 2005-08.  During his tenure Anderson made three NCAA Division II Tournament appearances and won a first round game in each year of the NCAA Division II East Regional, the only team in the East Region to have accomplished that feat and one of only eight in the entire country.  In Dow's final season he was named the Conference Carolinas Coach of the Year on his way to winning his second Conference Carolinas regular season title to go along with winning the post-season conference tournament in 2005-06.  Over his three year period he achieved a record of 79-17 overall (52-8 in conference) with three appearances in the conference tournament championship game while being ranked in the top 25 in the WBCA Coaches Poll each season.  His 2005-06 team led the nation in scoring at 83.5 points per game. The past eight years (IUP and Anderson combined) Dow's overall record was 187-57 (.766) and 117-29 (.801) in conference.
Before his stints at IUP and Anderson Dow was an assistant coach for Colorado State University, Santa Clara, U.C. Irvine, and New Mexico State.  Over a twelve-year span as a top assistant at the NCAA Division I level Dow was part of coaching staffs that achieved an overall record of 218-134, including six 20-win seasons, and a conference record of 122-65.  
Dow earned his bachelor's degree from the University of Oregon in 1988 with a double major in Physical Education and Psychology.  While working as a Graduate Assistant for the Oregon women's basketball program he completed his master's degree in Physical Education in 1991. 

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Basketball Play - Slip/Fade for a 3

Slip/Fade for a 3

Jeff Dow 02/28/2014

The Portland Trailblazers ran this set vs. the Denver Nuggets on January 23, 2014. Wesley Matthews (2) runs at Damian Lilliard's defender (X1) as if to set an on/ball screen. Just before getting to X1 he quickly slipped the screen and faded to the 3-point arc. Both Nugget defenders stayed with Lilliard making for an easy 3-point attempt for Matthews with no other defenders available to rotate to contest the shot. This set takes advantage of the fact that most teams will switch guard-to-guard on/ball screens and the Nuggets got caught anticipating there would be an on/ball screen set. See More

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Basketball Play - Lilliard/Lopez Pick and Roll

Lilliard/Lopez Pick and Roll

Jeff Dow 02/18/2014

The Portland Trailblazers ran this set off the opening tip in their game vs. the Indiana Pacers on February 7, 2014. It takes advantage of Damian Lilliard's ability to execute coming off of an on/ball screen as well Robin Lopez's knack for finishing at the rim. Depending on how the play is defended it also includes options for a Wesley Matthew's corner 3 or a pass back to LaMarcus Aldrige for a face-up jumber from just inside the arc. See More

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Basketball Play - Staggered Slips

Staggered Slips

Jeff Dow 02/16/2014

Duke ran this set vs. Pitt in their game on January 27, 2014. It requires a 4 that can shoot 3's and a 5 capable of finishing on the move after slipping an on/ball. This can be effective vs. teams that tend to hedge or trap on/balls. See More

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Basketball Play - Double Backflare

Double Backflare

Jeff Dow 02/14/2014

This sideline out-of-bounds play was run by Tom Izzo of Michigan State coming out of a time-out in need of a 3 to tie near the end of regulation in their game at Wisconsin on February 9, 2014. Adreian Payne, MSU's 4, knocked down a 3 to tie it with 10 seconds left. See More

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Basketball Play - Trailblazers Post-Up

Trailblazers Post-Up

Jeff Dow 02/13/2014

The Portland Trailblazers ran this set in their overtime loss to the Indiana Pacers on February 7, 2014. The Blazers were looking to get Wesley Matthews posted up on a smaller defender (George Hill). The second option is to bring Damian Lilliard off of a staggered double for a possible 3-pointer. The staggered double also serves a secondary purpose in that it occupies all three of their defenders making it difficult for them to help on Matthews posting up. See More

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Basketball Play - Late clock BOB

Late clock BOB

Jeff Dow 02/12/2014

This was late shotclock BLOB play the Trailblazers ran vs. the Thunder in their January 21, 2014 game. The Blazers take advantage of Batum's length and passing skills as the in-bounder and also the reluctance of the Thunder to switch any of the screens to get a lay-up for Lilliard. See More

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Basketball Play - Trailblazers Middle P&R

Trailblazers Middle P&R

Jeff Dow 02/11/2014

This is an on/ball set play the Portland Trailblazers ran vs. the Minnesota Timberwolves in their January 25, 2014 game. It takes advantage of Batum's passing skills coming off of on/balls. It also expoited the T-Wolves tendency to double Aldridge in the post while utilizing his interior passing skills to get an easy lay-up for Lopez. See More

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Basketball Play - Chin Down

Chin Down

Jeff Dow 02/10/2014

This man-to-man set play is utilized out of the "Chin" alignment. Becaue the floor is spread it provides a great post-up opportunity for your best low post scorer while also giving you options to shoot a 3. See More

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