Staggered Slips - FastModel Sports

Published 02/16/2014 by Jeff Dow Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Duke ran this set vs. Pitt in their game on January 27, 2014.  It requires a 4 that can shoot 3's and a 5 capable of finishing on the move after slipping an on/ball.  This can be effective vs. teams that tend to hedge or trap on/balls.

  • Basketball Play - Staggered Slips
  • Basketball Play - Staggered Slips
  • 1 dribble enters to set up their defender for a possible on/ball from 4. As 2 is clearing out to the opposite corner 4 sells the on/ball for 1 with the hopes that X4 will step out to hedge. 4 breaks off, or slips, the on/ball and gets separation from X4 for a possible 3.

  • Immediately after 4 slips their on/ball 5 follows up by slipping another on/ball, again with the hopes that X5 steps out to hedge. If 1 didn't pass to 4 fading for a 3 they will look to hit 5 slipping down the lane line. A lot of teams feature sets that have a slip followed by an actual on/ball but in this case both posts will slip.