Lilliard/Lopez Pick and Roll - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

The Portland Trailblazers ran this set off the opening tip in their game vs. the Indiana Pacers on February 7, 2014.  It takes advantage of Damian Lilliard's ability to execute coming off of an on/ball screen as well Robin Lopez's knack for finishing at the rim.  Depending on how the play is defended it also includes options for a Wesley Matthew's corner 3 or a pass back to LaMarcus Aldrige for a face-up jumber from just inside the arc.

  • Basketball Play - Lilliard/Lopez Pick and Roll
  • Basketball Play - Lilliard/Lopez Pick and Roll
  • Batum (3) comes off a pindown screen set by Lopez (5) to receive entry pass from Lilliard (1). Lilliard immediately follows his pass to receive a hand-off from Batum.

  • Lopez comes to set a side pick and roll to allow Lilliard to drive up the right baseline and then rolls to the front of the rim. Batum clears out to the weak side while Aldridge (4) fills in from behind for a possible pass back from Lilliard. Matthews (2), an outstanding 3-point shooter, gives Lilliard a "corner kick" option if X2 rotates over to stop Lilliard's baseline drive.