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About This Play/Drill

This was late shotclock BLOB play the Trailblazers ran vs. the Thunder in their January 21, 2014 game.  The Blazers take advantage of Batum's length and passing skills as the in-bounder and also the reluctance of the Thunder to switch any of the screens to get a lay-up for Lilliard.

  • Basketball Play - Late clock BOB
  • Basketball Play - Late clock BOB
  • Basketball Play - Late clock BOB
  • Lopez (the 5) and Matthews (the 2) start in a stack and cut/pop out opposite of each other.

  • Lilliard (the 1) sets a diagonal screen for Aldridge (the 4) who then follows with a downscreen for Matthews in the corner. If the defense screws up a switch there is a possibility of Matthews being open for a 3 or Aldridge shaping up for a 2 along the baseline.

  • Lopez follows with "screen the screener action" by setting a diagonal backscreen on X1 (Batum, the 3, passed to Lilliard for the lay-up). If the defense were to switch this screen Batum can look for Lopez on a lob or the roll back.