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Basketball Play - Belarus 1-4 Post Curl

Belarus 1-4 Post Curl

Fabian McKenzie 04/23/2013

Play begins in a 1-4 High Set 1 enters to wing and runs rub cut off of 4 4 sets a cross screen for 5 as 2 dribbles towards top of floor 2 skips ball to 3 as 1 sets second screen for 5 5 curls around screens by 4 and 1 3 looks for 5 inside or to 1 coming off of downscreen by 4 If 3 hits 1, 2 sprints to corner and 4 sets ball screen See More

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Basketball Play - Lithuania


Fabian McKenzie 04/16/2013

This set was run at the end of the break. 4 is in low blocks. 3 is wide on weakside 2 runs a rub cut off the 5 man looking for ball from 1 1 enters ball to 5 at high post After 1 hits 5, there is some misdirection 4 begins to screen for 2. 1 steps in to set the top of the staggered double screen for 2. 1 does not actually set the screen. They slip to the rim looking for the ball and get ready to screen again 5 executes a dribble handoff with 2 As the handoff is occurring, 1 and 4 are setting staggered screen for 3. After handing off to 2, 5 sets the 3rd screen in the staggered screen for 3 On the handoff, 2 tries to turn the corner to the rim or looks back to 3 coming off the triple screen. After screening, 1 pops to wing. 4 and 5 are looking for slip opportunities if the defense cheats on the staggered screen See More

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Basketball Play - Around the World Layups

Around the World Layups

Fabian McKenzie 04/15/2013

We run this drill for 8 minutes All 1's have basketballs 2's stay at their passing spots 1's will continuously pass, sprint and make layups for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes we switch quickly and 2's take balls while 1's fill passing spots We go 2 minutes on right side and 2 minutes on left side In this variation we have more people with basketballs and we eliminate the middle pass. The players must throw a longer pass. We will go for 8 minutes but we will change the 2's throughout the drill instead of stopping the drill and changing everyone at the same time We go 4 minutes on right side and 4 minutes on left side See More

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Basketball Play - Sooner Drill

Sooner Drill

Fabian McKenzie 12/05/2012

This is a drill we have used in our warmup. We use different variations within the drill. Players line up at half court. Each player has a ball Pass to coach, cut hard to rim and receive a pass from coach. Take a traditional layup. We also use a two foot power layup. Variation - we add a blocking pad to simulate contact at the rim Players get their own rebound and must make 2 changes of direction on way back to half court. (Between legs, crossover, behind back, etc) They go back to the same line where they started. In this variation we make a reverse layup underneath the basket In this variation we have the players receive a pass just before the 3 point line. They must jump stop, shot fake and attack the elbow for a one dribble pull up jump shot. We prefer the players use a crossover step when they attack the middle Variation 1 - Have the players pull up for a 3 point shot. Variation 2 - After the shot fake, we have the players crossover and dribble to opposite side of rim for a little running hook shot. See More

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