Lithuania - FastModel Sports

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  • Basketball Play - Lithuania
  • Basketball Play - Lithuania
  • Basketball Play - Lithuania
  • This set was run at the end of the break.


    4 is in low blocks. 3 is wide on weakside


    2 runs a rub cut off the 5 man looking for ball from 1


    1 enters ball to 5 at high post

  • After 1 hits 5, there is some misdirection


    4 begins to screen for 2. 1 steps in to set the top of the staggered double screen for 2.


    1 does not actually set the screen. They slip to the rim looking for the ball and get ready to screen again


    5 executes a dribble handoff with 2

  • As the handoff is occurring, 1 and 4 are setting staggered screen for 3.

    After handing off to 2, 5 sets the 3rd screen in the staggered screen for 3


    On the handoff, 2 tries to turn the corner to the rim

    or looks back to 3 coming off the triple screen.


    After screening, 1 pops to wing. 4 and 5 are looking for slip opportunities if the defense cheats on the staggered screen