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Basketball Play - Shell Defense Progressions

Shell Defense Progressions

Matt Hackenberg 12/09/2021

In this diagram and embedded video we go through all the phases of our shell defense for a full breakdown. I believe you will find at least one golden nugget to incorporate into your version of shell defense in here. We run a gap style of defense, but the structure of the drill will translate to any type of defense you may play. Visit my Sellfy store for detailed coaching materials written by me - Follow me on Twitter - @CoachHackGO See More

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Basketball Play - Competitive Shell 3v3 & 4v4

Competitive Shell 3v3 & 4v4

Randy Sherman 10/15/2020

Competitive version of shell drill where a score followed by a stop equals a point and a team must gain three points to win. Drawn 3v3 but can be 4v4 as well. Setup and rules in frame descriptions. Radius Athletics exists to serve, grow and develop basketball coaches at all levels. How do we do this? Simple. Pillars of Radius Athletics Move coaches towards simple, seamless basketball characterized by conceptual offense, transition flow and a defensive approach befitting the modern game Promote a practice philosophy in line with Growth Mindset and Motor Learning An “Essentialist” approach to creating a program identity Modernization of the professional development model for basketball coaches - Radius Athletics Info *New customers use discount code SAVE10 at purchase:* See More

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Basketball Play - 5 Guard 7 Shell

5 Guard 7 Shell

Rory Hamilton 08/03/2016

This is the last drill we do as a team to work on our team slides and communication. Defense is obviously at a disadvantage so they must have tremendous bounce, effort, and communication. Drill is live and offense tries to score but penetration can only come from the 4 corners of the floor. Block players are stationary and the elbow offensive player goes elbow to elbow. This is a competitive drill and we keep score of both points and offensive rebounds. By putting the defense at a disadvantage by guarding 7 players, we feel guarding 5 will be much easier. See More

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Basketball Play - 4-Player Shell Drill

4-Player Shell Drill

Randy Sherman 05/13/2015

Use four-player shell drill to teach all aspects of defensive postioning. Help defenders should follow line rules. Defensive players should jump to the pass as the ball moves. When players are one pass away they are in deny. When on the ball, influence to the appropriate checkpoint. Drill Advancement: Drive gaps and practice "plugging with your butt." Attack baseline an practice help and help the helper Weakside exchange from offensive players Screen away Skip passes to drill closeouts. See More

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Basketball Play - 3-Player Shell

3-Player Shell

Randy Sherman 05/13/2015

Three-Player Shell Drill Offensive players line up at point, wing and wing. Pass the ball around the perimeter. Defenders are in deny when ball is centered. Follow Line Rules when ball is on the wings. Drill Advancements: Players dribble below the FT line Point attacks a gap. Wings attack baseline Pass and screen away. Pass and ball screen. See More

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