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Basketball Play - UNI Modified Flex

UNI Modified Flex

Andrew Greer 03/01/2015

Northern Iowa ran this set early in the game against Wichita State on 2/28/15. There are two ways to look at this play: 1. A quick hitter with 3 options. 2. A modified entry into the flex offense. *If all 3 options are covered you can see that if the 5 moves to the corner the set ends up in an easy transition to a continuous flex offense. See More

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Basketball Play - Georgetown 4 Around 1

Georgetown 4 Around 1

Andrew Greer 03/20/2015

Georgetown ran this 4 around 1 set throughout their Round 2 matchup with Eastern Washington. The Hoyas used several different variations of the set utilizing the similar setup but unpredictable result. The action pictured is the base set. Dribble handoffs, double screens, flare screens, and back screens were all used out of this based set. Georgetown uses a 4 out 1 in look almost every possession and can run this set with interchangeable perimeter players. See More

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Basketball Play - Wisconsin Stagger

Wisconsin Stagger

Andrew Greer 03/21/2015

Wisconsin used this set in the 1st half of their win over Coastal Carolina in Round 2 action. The Badgers ran this UCLA style offense multiple times throughout the night using different screens and 2 man game options. In this particular set the play is designed to get a shooter coming off of a stagger screen. Although the play was successful, the Badgers were unable to convert on the open jump shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Wichita State Stack to Stagger

Wichita State Stack to Stagger

Wes Kosel 04/08/2015

This play starts with a pass to the left wing and a UCLA cut from the point guard to the ball-side block. If your point guard can post up, this is an easy look inside. If not, the ball can be reversed creating a situation for a cross-screen/stagger-screen action sending 3 to the basket and 1 to the top of the key for a shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Wizards 1-4 High Double Cross

Wizards 1-4 High Double Cross

Wes Kosel 08/09/2015

Wall dribbles toward Beal as Beal loops back and replaces Wall at the top. Pierce moves down to the block. If Wall has his man beat, he can attack the basket baseline. Beal cuts off of Nene looking for the pass from Wall. If Beal isn't open, he stops at the block and waits for Wall to come off the screen from Nene. Once Wall clears Nene, Beal cuts to the opposite wing off of a double screen from Pierce and Gortat. Wall looks to score, pass to Nene on the roll, or pass to Beal on the wing for a shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Philadelphia 76ers - ATO "Ear Tug"

Philadelphia 76ers - ATO "Ear Tug"

Ryan Nguyen 12/18/2017

The Philadelphia 76ers like to run this "logo" ball screen action for Ben Simmons to prevent defenses from going under. If Simmons is open on the UCLA cut, they'll look to hit for a quick layup. If the layup is not available, 5 will set a flare screen for 2, creating a post split action to prevent defense from digging. See More

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Basketball Play - HoopGrind Basketball - "Elbow Chase"

HoopGrind Basketball - "Elbow Chase"

Doug Brotherton 04/07/2017

This box set incorporates our "ELBOW" action. The Elbow action starts in a box set, with guards splitting to the wings. Post lift up the lane line. What I like about this play is the versatility. It can be used to generate an open 3, a post iso, or a high/low look. It can also be used effectively against man-to-man or zone defense, by simply teaching 4 to set the cross screen on the middle of the zone. For more great X's & O's, follow FastModel Sports on Twitter at @FastModel or Coach Brotherton at @CoachBrotherton . See More

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