UNI Modified Flex - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Northern Iowa ran this set early in the game against Wichita State on 2/28/15. There are two ways to look at this play:

1. A quick hitter with 3 options.

2. A modified entry into the flex offense.

*If all 3 options are covered you can see that if the 5 moves to the corner the set ends up in an easy transition to a continuous flex offense.

  • Basketball Play - UNI Modified Flex
  • Basketball Play - UNI Modified Flex
  • 1. 1 initiates the offense with a guard to guard pass to 2.
    2. 5 sets a back screen to set up the UCLA cut by 1.
    3. 4 fills the wing position. 1 clears to corner.
  • 5 sprints to the block/short corner setting a flex screen for 3. (Make sure to instruct 5 to seal/post defender after the screen)