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Basketball Play - Wisconsin Double Stagger Post

Wisconsin Double Stagger Post

Dana Beszczynski 12/04/2016

The Wisconsin Badgers under Head Coach Greg Gard have added some new wrinkles to their Offense. This is a double stagger action designed to get a look for Koenig a good 3 pt shooter and when this look isn't there, the offense continues with a second double stagger bringing their Post man Happ to the ball side for the Post-up option out of the set. Once the ball is in the Post, the Badgers get good movement and Happ being a good passer takes advantage of the Defense with the weak side diagonal pass. Unselfish is always the "motto" for Wisconsin as exhibited with the extra pass to the corner setting up the penetration and second kick-out pass to Hayes for a wide open shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Virginia Set Play

Virginia Set Play

Dana Beszczynski 03/05/2017

Tony Bennett is always seen as a "master" Coach for the Cavaliers defensive abilities, but his Offensive diversity outside of their normal motion sets are really good. Here's a play the Cavaliers ran against the Tar Heels. A set with so much movement and options, this is a set that will give your opponents fits. See More

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Basketball Play - West Virginia - SPNP Action

West Virginia - SPNP Action

Dana Beszczynski 03/18/2017

West Virigina likes to run this action throughout the game especially with the luxury of having Adrian a true "stretch" 4 in the game. Carter (PG) has the option of either taking the UCLA screen or stepping back for a shot or drive. 2 (SG) Miles Jr. can then curl off the step out screen from Adrian and has the option to immediately come back and screen-the-screener (option in this set as well). The exchange on the baseline makes the defense turn their heads to guard and with Ahmad (SF) a strong presence also on the block, Coach Bob Huggins set play gets a lot out of their personnel. See More

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Basketball Play - Brooklyn Nets Horns Action

Brooklyn Nets Horns Action

Brandon Mullis 04/22/2014

Among the many things the Brooklyn Nets did well in their Game 1 victory over the Toronto Raptors was this great quick hitter set dialed up by Coach Jason Kidd in the waning moments of the 2nd quarter. With 1:13 on the clock in the 2nd, the Nets were able to get a wide open lay-up (Option 1) to increase their lead to 5 points. I added in the 3rd Option to create another scoring opportunity. See More

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Basketball Play - Uno and Uno Counter

Uno and Uno Counter

Jacob Collins 08/02/2013

With the endless talk of Football on ESPN these days its hard to escape the pigskin, but I think there are a lot of things we can learn from Football Coaches. The use of misdirection is key in the game of football and under-utilized in the game of basketball. The first set is what our team calls "Uno" because it is a play for our 1 man. You will notice that it is a common action and either you or someone in your league probably runs this play. The second play is just a counter to the action, a misdirection play based on how the defense is playing you. See More

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Basketball Play - Duke


Andrew Lacey 08/11/2014

Here is a nice set for you to use after a timeout, late game situation and/or beginning of half. There are a variety of screens set in this set to create some possible mismatches on switches and the double screen for the post is key here. See More

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