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About This Play/Drill

The Wisconsin Badgers ran this set play for a lob on the first possession of the 2nd Half against the #3 ranked Michigan Wolverines on 2/9/13. 

  • Basketball Play - Wisconsin Lob Set
  • Basketball Play - Wisconsin Lob Set
  • 1 enters to 3 on the left wing. 5 back screens for 1.


    1st Option: 3 passes to 1 for the lay-up, coming off 5's back screen.


    If 1 is not open, he keeps going to the opposite corner.

  • As 1 is cutting to the opposite corner, 2 cuts through to back screen for 5. 2 must head hunt 5's defender on the back screen.


    After screening for 1, 5 sets a wing ball screen for 3. 5 then gets a back screen from 2 and rolls to the rim.


    2nd Option: 3 lob passes to 5 for the dunk/lay-up.