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Basketball Play - San Antonio Spurs "Motion Weak"

San Antonio Spurs "Motion Weak"

Gibson Pyper 07/10/2015

The San Antonio Spurs have two basic options for their Motion Offense, called Motion Weak and Motion Strong. Taking a look at their Motion Weak, it starts with the point guard passing to the wing and cutting through the lane to the opposite wing. The ball is reversed through the trailing big, and the weakside guard cuts into the lane to set a cross screen for the firs big man down the floor. After the reversal, the point guard looks to enter the ball into the post, if the post is covered then the guard who screened across receives a down screen from the big at the top of the key. See More

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Basketball Play - Drag


Andrew Lacey 04/21/2015

With the growing amount of teams using the ball screen in today's game; we decided to implement a couple simple quick ball screen actions that were not apart of our basic ball screen movements. The Ball screen is one of the toughest actions to guard in today's game. We have found it easy to get a get quality look in the lane off our ball screen sets. I discussed in my article published in the Winning Hoops Magazine (Sept./Oct. Edition) -"Using Ball Screens in your Motion Offense" that we generally use our ball screen actions after we get the defense moving. See More

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Basketball Play - Shake


Andrew Lacey 03/26/2015

Here is a little slip action that can be used as part of your secondary break or as an option in your motion offense. It can serve as a counter action if your set a lot of wing ball screens with the first post that arrives. See More

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Basketball Play - Motion Breakdowns - 3/1 Live

Motion Breakdowns - 3/1 Live

Randy Sherman 03/25/2015

3/1 Live (Part of Motion Offense Forum Drill Progressions) Objective: To use motion offense concepts to free the cutter for a basket. In this drill there are two screeners and one cutter (2) in each offensive group. The cutter is defended by X2. Diagrammed below are two of the nearly endless options that could come into play. There is now way to completely diagram all of the screens, cuts, reads and actions possible in this drill. The screeners' objective is to free the cutter (2) for a basket using motion offense concepts and maintianing top-side-side alignment. This is live and competiive drill. Drill Restrictions: Only the cutter can score. Offense must complete two passes BEFORE the cutter gets a touch. (This puts emphasis on second cutters!) The score must come from the screening action, not one-on-one play Competiive Ideas: On a 12-player roster, divide your team into four three-player groups. Set 8:00 (or a time of your choosing) on the clock. If your cutter scores with screening action, that team gets a point and stays on offense. A defender comes from the next team to guard the groups cutter. If that defender can force a stop and get the rebound, his/her team rotates to offense and now has opportunity to score points. Track each team's points. Variations: Start the ball on the wing instead of the top of the circle. Use shallow cuts to start the drill. Allow the offense to pass it to a coach at any time in the drill. can introduce staggers, baseline double, or dual screens to the drill. Side note: Have an assitant coach the defender! The defender will literally encounter dozens of defensive stances, close outs, denials and scenarios in each possession. See More

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Basketball Play - WVU Flare

WVU Flare

Andrew Greer 03/20/2015

WVU used this set to start their Round 2 game against Buffalo. The Mountaineers came out and jumped to a 3-0 lead using this quick hitter. Huggins is known for his 5 out motion offense but the use of this quick hitter caught the Bulls help side defenders in poor positioning. The cross followed by flare screen gave WVU and early, wide open 3. See More

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Basketball Play - Thru Duck In

Thru Duck In

Craig LeVasseur 03/20/2015

In their NCAA matchup with Notre Dame, Northeastern displayed a wonderful motion offense with great movement, multiple ballscreens, and very active bigs. In this play, they set up their motion with a thru cut by the 1, and the result is a duck-in opportunity for the 5 man. Northeastern was able to draw a foul in the post here and put Notre Dame in foul trouble early. See More

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Basketball Play - Motion Breakdowns - 2/2 With A Coach

Motion Breakdowns - 2/2 With A Coach

Randy Sherman 03/10/2015

First completely "live" drill in motion offense teaching progressions. Once you have installed the four cuts, downscreens, shallow cuts and flare screens put the motion offense fundamentals to the test with this live drill. Coach is the passer. Player beginning the drill in the high elbow is the screener throughout the possession. Correct poor timing and incorrect reads immediately. At any time during the possession a player can pass to coach and the two offensive players set screening action. Empasize the second cutter concept. Coach can pass to screener or cutter off downscreens or flare screens. Coach can force rescreens by not passing to the action. Drill is run on one side of the floor at a time. Drill consists of action off of downscreens, flares, slips, rescreens, cuts. No excessive dribbling ball screens. Coach is always open! Use them and score with action. Put your roster in pairs with one screener and one cutter and play for 8:00 (4:00 on each side of the floor) You come into the drill on defense with your partner. To get to offense, you have to get a stop, rebound and outlet to coach. Rotate from defense to offense. If you score you stay and new pair comes in on defense. The drill begins with pass from high elbow (1) to coach. Emphasize basket cut into the downscreen. Variations/Restrictions: Instead of passing to coach, start with a shallow cut. Pass to coach, make a deep basket cut, wing fills the high elbow setting up flare screen. Only a second cutter (screener) can score. See More

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Basketball Play - Mover Blocker (LANE-LANE)

Mover Blocker (LANE-LANE)

Randy Sherman 03/05/2015

A basic summary of the Virginia Cavaliers Mover-Blocker Offense (Lane-Lane mode, their most common alignment) Rules: The three "movers" (colored in pink) cut and fill maintaining top-side-side alignment. The point and each wing should be filled by the movers. In "lane-lane" the blockers are restricted to screening along the lane line extended for the movers. They can set flare screens for a player cutting off the point, they can set pin screens for cutters exiting the lane. They can downscreen for movers. Anytime a mover pin screens along the lane lane, he then immediately buries his man and posts up Blockers cannot change sides of the the floor or screen for one another Think of it as a game of 3-on-3 among the movers and the defenders with screening help from the blockers along the lane line Movers center the basketball so the ball can see both actions. Any questions about motion offense or basketball x's&o's in general: See More

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Basketball Play - Shockers Shooter Option

Shockers Shooter Option

Andrew Greer 03/01/2015

Wichita State ran this set for shooter Ron Baker on 2/28/15 against UNI. This is a simple two action look with multiple options for the preferred shooter to read. This is a great early offense set that can lead to a teams motion offense or two man game if the initial shot is not open. See More

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Basketball Play - Billy Donovan Florida Gators Ball-Screen Motion (2 plays)

Billy Donovan Florida Gators Ball-Screen Motion (2 plays)

Scott Peterman 02/24/2015

Billy Donovan has coached teams to the peak of college basketball’s mountaintop. Coach Billy Donovan has reached Four Final Fours, two national championships, a perfect 18-0 conference regular season, six Southeastern Conference tournament titles and 16-straight 20-win seasons. He’s made Florida basketball a millennial powerhouse on the national level and he did it all at a football school. Now, he sits on the doorstep of yet another achievement after coaching his 499th victory Wednesday night against Vanderbilt. Coach Billy Donovan runs Ball Screen Motion Offense that moves the ball and gets shot attempts near the basket and the three point line. Coach Donovan goes for #500 wins against Missouri tonight. You should check it out. If you liked the Billy Donovan Florida Gators Offense then you should check out my website: Men's Basketball Hoop Scoop See More

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