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About This Play/Drill

First completely "live" drill in motion offense teaching progressions. 

Once you have installed the four cuts, downscreens, shallow cuts and flare screens put the motion offense fundamentals to the test with this live drill. 

  • Coach is the passer.
  • Player beginning the drill in the high elbow is the screener throughout the possession.
  • Correct poor timing and incorrect reads immediately.
  • At any time during the possession a player can pass to coach and the two offensive players set screening action.
  • Empasize the second cutter concept.
  • Coach can pass to screener or cutter off downscreens or flare screens.
  • Coach can force rescreens by not passing to the action.
  • Drill is run on one side of the floor at a time. 
  • Drill consists of action off of downscreens, flares, slips, rescreens, cuts. No excessive dribbling ball screens.
  • Coach is always open! Use them and score with action. 
  • Put your roster in pairs with one screener and one cutter and play for 8:00 (4:00 on each side of the floor)
  • You come into the drill on defense with your partner. To get to offense, you have to get a stop, rebound and outlet to coach. Rotate from defense to offense. If you score you stay and new pair comes in on defense. 

The drill begins with pass from high elbow (1) to coach. Emphasize basket cut into the downscreen. 


  • Instead of passing to coach, start with a shallow cut. 
  • Pass to coach, make a deep basket cut, wing fills the high elbow setting up flare screen. 
  • Only a second cutter (screener) can score.




  • Basketball Play - Motion Breakdowns - 2/2 With A Coach
  • Basketball Play - Motion Breakdowns - 2/2 With A Coach
  • Basketball Play - Motion Breakdowns - 2/2 With A Coach
  • Basketball Play - Motion Breakdowns - 2/2 With A Coach
  • Basketball Play - Motion Breakdowns - 2/2 With A Coach
  • Basketball Play - Motion Breakdowns - 2/2 With A Coach
  • Drill begins with a screener (1) with a ball at the high elbow. Drill begins with a pass from 1 to Coach.


    1 dowscreens for 2


    Throughout the entire possession, 1 is the screener, 2 is the cutter.

  • The coach is the passer in this drill. The defense is live.

    1 downscreens for 2, 2 reads the defense and makes the correct cut.


    Screeners make the corresponding second cut.


    Possible Action

    (Pictured) 1 dowscreens for 2 and 2 makes a straight cut. Coach passes to 2 coming off downscreen.

  • The drill is live until shot is made or defense rebounds.


    At any point the ball can be passed to coach and more screening action set.


    Possible Action

    (Pictured) 2 comes off the screen with a straight cut, but does not have a shot. He/she passes to coach and receives flare screen.


    The roles of screener and cutter does not change during the possession!


    Coach passes to 1 on slip to the basket

  • Add the Shallow Cut:

    Variations/Restrictions can be added to the drill such as using the shallow cut.


    1 dribbles at 2 and 2 makes a shallow cut to high elbow.


    1 is the screener and 2 is the cutter throughout the entire possession.

  • After shallow cut, 1 begins ball reversal to coach.


    Look for opportunities to back cut off the shallow cut

  • Once Coach has received pass, 1 flare screens for 2


    Coach can pass to cutter, screener on slip, or make 1 rescreen for 2


    1 is screener throughout the entire possession