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Basketball Play - "Out"-Carolina/Screen-In


Kyle Gilreath 01/18/2014

John Pelphrey ran this Carolina backscreen action while the head coach of the University of Arkansas. What I love about this play is by have 2 set the backscreen to 4, a lack of communication will result in one of three outcomes: 1. Lob to 4 2. 2 will be open as X2 helped because X4 was nailed on the backscreen 3. X5 is forced to help on 2 and 5 can flash for an elbow jumper or iso-drive to the rim. If none of those options are available the pick & roll finishes up the play. With the floor spread and the pick so close to the baseline it will be difficult to help on the roll of 5 if X5 is caught helping X2. See More

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Basketball Play - 5 Loop

5 Loop

Kyle Gilreath 01/16/2014

Mark Gottfried frequented this half-court offense set while the head coach at the University of Alabama. The main reason this play was so successful was because Gottfried had a 5 man in 6'9" 255 lb Richard Hendrix. Hendrix was a force inside and almost impossible to move off the block. Once you got sealed, it was an automatic two points. If X3 tried chasing this screen, 3 occasionally would be open for a lay-up. See More

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Basketball Play - 5 Iverson

5 Iverson

Alan Peel 01/16/2014

This is a "Utah" action to set up a drive-shot option for the point guard off of an Iverson cut. For more, check out my website, sign up for a membership, and get your first 30 days free. See More

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Basketball Play - Elbow Elevator

Elbow Elevator

Kyle Gilreath 01/13/2014

The Brooklyn Nets ran this elbow action in their game versus the Miami Heat. As 3 (Joe Johnson) came up the lane for the 3-pointer, X4 sniffed out the action and helped to prevent the catch. This allowed 4 (Paul Pierce) to slip to the block for a post-up. See More

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Basketball Play - Rhody Exchange Up

Rhody Exchange Up

Kyle Gilreath 01/10/2014

The last Rhody play for this weak creates more movement amongst the bigs and results in a middle pick & roll. As 4 uses the screen from 5, 1 should look at 4 for a second as he could be open. However, that is a tough passing angle so more than likely 1 will keep it. (If you want to feed 4, 1 should quickly advance to 3 for a wing post feed). By having 5 set a screen for a player to the rim the goal is to get X5 to help momentarily and cause him to be late on the pick & roll. As a result, you will have three options of a attack: 1. 1 attacking the rim 2. 1 throwing back to 5 at the free-throw line for a jumper 3. X2 helps on penetration and kick to 2 for a shot See More

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Basketball Play - Illini Box Stagger

Illini Box Stagger

Dana Beszczynski 01/10/2014

This is a Box Set run by the Illini last night in their game against Indiana. A good set that incorporates the use of the ball screen to set-up a weak side double stagger freeing up their talented shooter Rice. The play doesn't end with the shot as the ball is reversed and what looks like a SPNR action turns into an open side penetration. Groce does a great job utilizing the box in their offensive system and this is a play with multiple scoring possibilities See More

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Basketball Play - Rhody Triple

Rhody Triple

Kyle Gilreath 01/10/2014

This Rhody play is one of my favorites as it incorporates a ton of movement to put the defense in compromising positions. In Frame 2, as 3 starts attacking the rim, the triple stagger will occupy most (if not all) of the weak side defense as they become concerned with guarding the stagger screen. If 3 cannot get to the rim, look to throwback to 2, or 4/5 slipping to the rim after setting their screens. See More

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Basketball Play - Hoosiers Secondary

Hoosiers Secondary

Dana Beszczynski 01/08/2014

This is a nice action run by the Indiana Hoosiers from their overtime thriller against the Fighting Illni on New Years Eve This play has a litlte bit of everything in it from a hard elbow cut for a possible quick hit lay-up to a diagonal back screen looking to spring the post for a wing entry pass The play ends with a good drag screen action leaving open space for the PG to either drive the lane or read the defense and pick his best option A well designed play by Tom Crean for his young Hoosiers led by outstanding PG Yogi Ferrell who has taken his game to the next level this year!! See More

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Basketball Play - Rhody Back

Rhody Back

Kyle Gilreath 01/07/2014

Rhody back is another simple yet very effective screen the screener post-up play to run after using a rhody cut. In the play below, have 1 delay his dribble to the wing until 2 almost reaches the point of the screen from 4. This will occupy X4 for a second before being hit with the backscreen. If X3 and X4 do a poor job communicating on the backscreen and overload to the post, 3 will be open after the pin down from 5. See More

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Basketball Play - Lady Blue Devils Isolation Drive 5

Lady Blue Devils Isolation Drive 5

Dana Beszczynski 01/07/2014

This play run by the Duke Lady Blue Devils has a little bit of everything The end of this play is designed to get Williams the ball in spot where she can use her speed and ball handling skills to penetrate on the open side The set incoroporates the use of the ball screen, down screen, back screen in the lane, and the spacing is good setting up multiple options to score See More

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