"Post" - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

This set provide several opportunites to get your 5 man a post touch on each block. If you have a point-guard that is comfortable posting up, this set is a great opportunity to get him an early post touch on the block. After the initial UCLA screen by the 5 man, the point-guard tries to get a post touch, but if he can't, he immediately goes into another UCLA screen for the 5 to get him back on the block. If the 5 isn't open on the block, the ball gets reversed to the point guard. The 4 man immediately sets a ball screen for the point guard to help get the ball reversed to the other side of the floor. The 3 will sprint across the lane and set a cross-screen for the 5 man and another post up opportunity for him on the opposite block. The 4 man will finish the play with a down screen for the 3 to the top of the key.

  • Basketball Play - "Post"
  • Basketball Play - "Post"
  • Basketball Play - "Post"
  • Basketball Play - "Post"
  • 1 passes to 2

    5 up-screens for 1

    1 tries to get post up

  • If 1 can't get post up,

    1 up-screens for 5

    Look for 5 posting up

    1 spaces to 3-point line

  • If 5 isn't open in post:

    2 passes to 1

    4 ballscreens for 1

    3 sprints across to screen for 5

    1 dribbles to opposite wing

  • 1 looks for 5 in the post

    4 down screens for 3

    1 looks for 3 coming to top of key