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Basketball Play - Clemson Box Set

Clemson Box Set

Dana Beszczynski 01/25/2014

Clemson is 4-2 in the ACC and 13-5 overall, suprising some with their fast start this year. This Box Set has multiple scoring options, has down screens, a flare screen, a set ending ball screen. Head Coach Brad Brownell has now taken each of his three schools (Clemson, UNC Wilmington, Wright State) to the "Big Dance" in his first year at each stop. He is trying to revitalize the Clemson program and the Tigers are an up and coming team in the ACC. See More

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Basketball Play - Horns Get

Horns Get

Kyle Gilreath 01/24/2014

The Oklahoma City Thunder ran this quick pick & roll pin-down action this week to get Serge Ibaka a quick catch & shoot mid-range jumper. Kevin Durant has been on a scoring tear lately, making this play tougher to guard. As KD used the pick & roll, X5 was forced to help to prevent the pull-up or rim attack. This forced X4 to sit on the screen longer than normal to prevent Perkins from rolling wide-open to the rim. This allowed for the open shot for Ibaka. See More

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Basketball Play - Kentucky Wildcats Transition

Kentucky Wildcats Transition

Dana Beszczynski 01/24/2014

John Calipari has proven too be a master at running sets for his players to get the best shots in the best positions on the floor. This easy to run Transition Set utilizes the elbow screen to free up the trailing post for an open ball side cut and possible quick pass. When the quick pass isn't there, on ball reversal, the Wildcats revert back to their DDM Offense with the 3 Side Middle Penetration looking to Rack It! See More

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Basketball Play - Texas Secondary

Texas Secondary

Dana Beszczynski 01/23/2014

This Texas Seconary Action was run by the Longhorns against Kansas State. There is a lot of ball screening action in this set, plus the use of the stagger early on gives the offense a chance for an early shot. Rick Barnes has done a masterful job rebuilding the Longhorns offense this year and this set shows the number of options which can ben executed in a Secondary Offense. See More

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Basketball Play - "Out"-Carolina/Screen-In


Kyle Gilreath 01/18/2014

John Pelphrey ran this Carolina backscreen action while the head coach of the University of Arkansas. What I love about this play is by have 2 set the backscreen to 4, a lack of communication will result in one of three outcomes: 1. Lob to 4 2. 2 will be open as X2 helped because X4 was nailed on the backscreen 3. X5 is forced to help on 2 and 5 can flash for an elbow jumper or iso-drive to the rim. If none of those options are available the pick & roll finishes up the play. With the floor spread and the pick so close to the baseline it will be difficult to help on the roll of 5 if X5 is caught helping X2. See More

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Basketball Play - 5 Loop

5 Loop

Kyle Gilreath 01/16/2014

Mark Gottfried frequented this half-court offense set while the head coach at the University of Alabama. The main reason this play was so successful was because Gottfried had a 5 man in 6'9" 255 lb Richard Hendrix. Hendrix was a force inside and almost impossible to move off the block. Once you got sealed, it was an automatic two points. If X3 tried chasing this screen, 3 occasionally would be open for a lay-up. See More

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Basketball Play - 5 Iverson

5 Iverson

Alan Peel 01/16/2014

This is a "Utah" action to set up a drive-shot option for the point guard off of an Iverson cut. For more, check out my website, sign up for a membership, and get your first 30 days free. See More

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