UNC Lob / Post Seal - FastModel Sports

Published 03/27/2015 by Craig LeVasseur Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Similar to a set play we saw from SMU in the round of 64, North Carolina ran this look against Wisconsin in the Sweet 16. The first look is for the 5 man over the top for a lob. If the lob isn't there, 5 seals for a post up. A weakside stagger occupies any help for the post defender.

  • Basketball Play - UNC Lob / Post Seal
  • Basketball Play - UNC Lob / Post Seal
  • 5 sets side p/r for 1. 2 sets backscreen for 5 and a lob look.

  • 2 pops out for throwback. 5 seals for post up. 4 and 1 set stagger for 3. 2 can throw into post or hit 3 coming off stagger.