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Basketball Play - Toronto Raptors - Snap 3

Toronto Raptors - Snap 3

Cooper Smither 02/12/2019

The Toronto Raptors have utilized "Snap" action to intitiate much of their offense for the past two season - and "Snap 3" is no exception. As a way to incorporate Kawhi Leonard and his skillset into its base offense, Toronto has added this post up play. It has also been sparingly used for other Raptors, such as Pascal Siakam, in order to isolate a mismatch. Free Download: Toronto Raptors Playbook See More

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Basketball Play - Ohio State Buckeyes - Loop Duck In

Ohio State Buckeyes - Loop Duck In

Dustin Cooper 01/11/2019

Loop cuts - also known as Iverson cuts - are a great way to shift a defense. Creating a shift followed by a counter flow can often lead to an open look. This set will almost always get you a low post catch when needed. In the video below, the ball is fed into the post from the slot. in MOST scenarios, I like the ball reversed to the lift which creates a much better angle for a post feed. See More

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