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Basketball Play - PG Post Up

PG Post Up

Randy Sherman 07/13/2018

"Sometimes your best 'post' is not a 'post' at all..." This #EarlyOffense option flows out of a DHO and gets a guard cutting into the post area. Player 1 can facilitate or score from this area after establishing T-Post Position. See More

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Basketball Play - Situational 3v3

Situational 3v3

null null 07/08/2018

Here are some of the situational 3v3 games I use with players to put them in different spots on the floor and in different actions. These situations are designed to develop players' decision making with and without the basketball on offense, and develop a player's understanding of defensive rotations and guarding common actions at the high school/college level. Click for more #PlayerDevelopmentWeek content! See More

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Basketball Play - Dribble Drive Motion: 3v0 Stride Stops

Dribble Drive Motion: 3v0 Stride Stops

Michael Lynch 07/04/2018

As part of #PlayerDevelopmentWeek I am putting together a series of Drill Progressions that we use in order to develop skills to fit our Dribble Drive Motion Offense. In this third installment we are looking at the use of "Dribble Stops". Good Defenses will not be beaten by the first drive of a possession so it is important that players know how to use "Dribble Stops" as a means to keep the pressure on the defense. We place heavy emphasis on the use of 1) Stride Stops, 2) Two Foot Jump Stops, and 3) The Use of the Bounce Out Dribble. These three "Dribble Stops" allow you make plays after a failed drive, and in the case of the Bounce Out Dribble allow you to keep the basketball moving. The 3/0 Stride Stop Drill presented below is a 3 Man Progression Drill in which we are asking players to land perfect Stride Stops, followed by perfect timing of Second Cuts. Once players have moved beyond the 3/0 portion of the drill we can load the drill with defense. Read more on the FMS Blog: Skill Building for Dribble Drive Motion Offense Keys to Designing a DDM Practice Plan See More

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