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Basketball Play - Loyola-Chicago - Chin Stagger DHO

Loyola-Chicago - Chin Stagger DHO

Matt Wheeler 03/30/2018

Loyola-Chicago uses this play to shift the defense from one side of the floor to the other by allowing the ball to touch a different side of the floor at least four times during a given possession. Each time the ball switches sides of the floor, defensive players on the weak side of the floor have to sprint into help. When the ball gets back on their side of the floor, they then have to close out to contain the ball. Forcing the defense to move and make continual closeouts usually results in defensive breakdowns. This is how the Ramblers are able to attack the paint and get open shots. See More

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Basketball Play - UMBC - Middle STS

UMBC - Middle STS

Kevin Bruinsma 03/28/2018

This is a set UMBC ran against Virginia in their upset victory in the NCAA Tournament. I love the action because the guard that screens for the big to set a ball screen then comes off a 5 man screen to the corner. His man should be in the hole to defend the pick and roll, and when he recovers he has to ellude a screen. NCAA Tournament: XsOs Behind the Upsets See More

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