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Basketball Play - 2 Baseline Flare

2 Baseline Flare

Matt Barnthouse 06/07/2018

If there is one thing coach Andy Kennedy loves in his offense, it is off ball screens that set up corner threes. His Ole Miss teams made a living off of this play. In my four years with the Ole Miss Rebels, I got to see sharpshooters like Marshall Henderson and Stefan Moody run this play to perfection, helping them reach All-SEC nods. There are a lot of moving parts here. It starts off with a dribble handoff to the 3, while the 2 makes a cut to the paint on the weakside. Once in the paint, the 2 sets a screen for the one, and then makes a cut underneath the defender of the 4, forcing his man to either chase him or go over. If he goes over, the defender is ready to run straight into a flare screen by the 4. What makes this play work is that it bunches up the defense and forces them to make a lot of decisions. Sure, the defenders can switch, but that leaves a mismatch with a 2 having to defend a 4. The 2 defender could cheat on the initial cut around the 5, but then that allows the 2 to make reverse his cut to the corner, where the 3 can hit him on the weakside for a 3. If all else fails, the 1 comes around ready to reset the offense at the end of all of the actions. This is something that when ran well, can be nearly impossible to stop. The only concern is that some players may have difficulties going straight from a cut to catch and shoot (almost a 180), so athleticism helps. See More

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Basketball Play - Golden State Warriors - Elbow Stagger Option

Golden State Warriors - Elbow Stagger Option

Austin Anderson 05/28/2018

What makes Golden State so scary is its ability to play people in different spots through out its entire offense. In this action the Warriors can plug in different players/lineups and not miss a beat. Offense becomes easy when players can play multiple spots on the floor. This play sets up catch/shoot, sneak drives, cutting baskets, slips and quick punch opportunities. At any time during this set, if teams fall asleep, Curry will be open on a quick handback option on the strong side. Durant is great attacking off the elbow catch for a quick iso. There will be slip opportunities off the stagger, because Thompson, Durant and Curry are all very good at losing their defender off screens. Golden State loves allowing Green to be a playmaker. Top Plays from Golden State's Championship Run NBA Finals Preview: Golden State Warriors See More

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Basketball Play - Boston Celtics - Weave Top Iso

Boston Celtics - Weave Top Iso

Matt Wheeler 05/22/2018

The Boston Celtics ran this play to start the 3rd quarter of Game 3 against the Cleveland Cavaliers in order to to use their quickness advantage at the 4 spot and get Marcus Morris (4) an isolation opportunity against Kevin Love on the perimeter. The Celtics begin the play with a weave action to get the ball to 2 on the wing. 4 then flashes to the top to receive the pass from 4. 1 screens away for 3 in order to occupy the defense and allow 4 to attack his defender one on one. See More

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Basketball Play - Boston Celtics - Early Offense - Push Action

Boston Celtics - Early Offense - Push Action

Austin Anderson 05/19/2018

The Celtics possess one of the most skilled and interchangeable rosters of the NBA. This post provides several variations of Boston's Push Action. This early offense is designed to create a 2 man game on either side of the court. Rozier, Smart, Brown or Tatum can occupy any perimeter spot. Horford, Morris, Tatum, Baynes or Monroe can play the 4/5 spots. This action creates pick/roll, pick/pop, and drive/kick opportunities. FMS Blog: How the Celtics are keeping it simple with spread offense See More

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