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Basketball Play - Tennessee State Tigers - Spread Rip Lob

Tennessee State Tigers - Spread Rip Lob

Matt Wheeler 02/26/2019

Tennessee State was down 2 late in the second half of their game against Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) and needed a basket to tie the game. They ran this wrinkle out of their spread offense to get a dunk off a lob pass. The play starts with the typical spread offense action of a dribble handoff, ball reversal and 4 cutting to the strong side corner. 1 diverts from his normal cut to the strongside elbow or block areas and sets a back screen for 5. The right side of the floor is cleared so 5 can be wide open for the lob pass from 2. Click for more Spread Offense content! See More

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Basketball Play - USC - Circle Reject

USC - Circle Reject

Matt Wheeler 03/20/2017

USC ran this play as a counter to their circle handoff in their game against Baylor. They ran this same play multiple times with 1 coming off of the down screen from 3 to get a dribble handoff to attack the rim. This time 1 rejected the down screen and scored on a backdoor layup. See More

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Basketball Play - Cleveland Cavs - DHO Iverson Screenback

Cleveland Cavs - DHO Iverson Screenback

Matt Wheeler 10/26/2016

The Cleveland Cavs ran this play in the second quarter of their season opening game against the New York Knicks. They used it after a timeout to get a wide open 3 pointer for JR Smith (3). 4 (Lebron James) initiates the offense with a dribble handoff with 3 and uses an Iverson cut to get the ball back on the wing. 4 immediately drives baseline then turns back to pass to 3 for the 3 point shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Indiana Pacers - Loop Chicago

Indiana Pacers - Loop Chicago

Lucas Shapiro 02/23/2016

The Pacers ran the common loop action on this set but did not give it to C.J Miles because he was being denied the ball. Instead they entered it into the post and ran Chicago action (off-ball screen into a dribble handoff). This created an open look for Miles even though his defender did not make contact with any of the offensive players. See More

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Basketball Play - New Orleans Pelicans "Away Double Backdoor"

New Orleans Pelicans "Away Double Backdoor"

Gibson Pyper 04/23/2015

New Orleans runs alot of Horns sets, and one of their favorite sets is to pass to the elbow and have the point guard and opposite Big set a double down screen for the wing player (usually Eric Gordon) to attack out of a dribble handoff. Against Golden State in Game 1 they ran that same action with a nice counter; instead of executing a dribble handoff with the guard on the wing, the big turns and dribbles at the ballside wing who then cuts backdoor. See More

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Basketball Play - Golden State Warriors "Wing Twirl Double"

Golden State Warriors "Wing Twirl Double"

Gibson Pyper 04/23/2015

One of the most lethal actions the Warriors run is having Steph & Klay twirl on the wing. Usually Steph cuts to set a down screen for Klay, looking for a quick shot, in this set they "Twirl" or Klay cuts off of the screen and curls back inside setting another quick screen for Steph. Out of this action, the first guard receives a dribble handoff and the other cuts through off a double screen, looking for a shot. Kerr also runs a counter out of this where instead of cutting off double screen Klay is involved in the double screen and "Leaks" or slips out early to get a shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Albany Horns Backdoor

Albany Horns Backdoor

Brandon Huntley 03/24/2015

Coming out of halftime to start the 2nd half, the Albany Great Danes were down 9 to the Oklahoma Sooners in the 2nd round of the NCAA Tournament. Coach Will Brown called a Horns Backdoor set to start the half that would give one of their top scorers, Peter Hooley (#12) an easy scoring opportunity. Earlier in the 1st half, Albany ran numerous plays from the horns set, which you can tell by how the defender was expecting Hooley to come off the dribble handoff. Making a quick in game adjustment, Hooley sets the defender up for a backdoor and finishes the play. See More

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Basketball Play - Georgetown 4 Around 1

Georgetown 4 Around 1

Andrew Greer 03/20/2015

Georgetown ran this 4 around 1 set throughout their Round 2 matchup with Eastern Washington. The Hoyas used several different variations of the set utilizing the similar setup but unpredictable result. The action pictured is the base set. Dribble handoffs, double screens, flare screens, and back screens were all used out of this based set. Georgetown uses a 4 out 1 in look almost every possession and can run this set with interchangeable perimeter players. See More

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Basketball Play - Georgia Chin Shuffle

Georgia Chin Shuffle

Adam Spinella 03/16/2015

Georgia coach Mark Fox has done a fantastic job turning around a Bulldog program that has been towards the bottom of the SEC for the better part of a decade. Now securing an at-large birth to the NCAA Tournament, Fox is finally getting some well-deserved recognition, in particular for his offense. Fox employs a lot of high post actions, raising his big men to the elbows and the three point line to open driving lanes and take away help at the rim. The multitude of dribble handoffs that Georgia runs keeps defenses honest, and the speed at which they run them makes them dangerous offensively. One of the most impressive sets I saw Fox and his team run during their second game of the year against Kentucky was a variation of the Chin offense that split into the shuffle offense. By moving the ball side-to-side several times, the defense was forced to shift and move by reacting to the player and ball movement. The shuffle offense is effective because it allows a post-up opportunity with great spacing; Fox’s set drops the trailer or the 4-man to the block for what can be a mis-match post. See More

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