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Basketball Play - 45 Roll Low

45 Roll Low

NHSBCA NHSBCA 03/01/2012

This FastDraw Post Up from the National High School Basketball Coaches Association (NHSBCA) is a quick hitter from the Princeton Offense. The NHSBCA is an alliance among the leaders of State Basketball Coaches Associations, linking their respective Associations in an effort to provide a national voice for high school basketball coaches. Follow @NHSBCA on Twitter. See More

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Basketball Play - Chin Dribble Weave

Chin Dribble Weave

Lee DeForest 02/09/2012

This Post Up comes to us from Coach Lee DeForest at Basketball Coaches Club. For more on the complete Princeton Offense, get Coach DeForest's e-book, 'Winning with the Princeton Offense Basketball Guide,' (created with FastDraw). This excerpt takes you through the Chin Dribble Weave. See More

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Basketball Play - Play of the Day 09-06-2011: Money

Play of the Day 09-06-2011: Money

FastModel Sports 09/06/2011

By popular Twitter demand, today's Play of the Day is the sideline out of bounds play run by the Russian National Team in their thrilling 65-64 victory over Slovenia at Eurobasket 2011 last weekend. In this play, the Russian team uses misdirection and a ball screen to free up Sergey Monya on the sideline for a game winning jumper. This video of today's "Play of the Day" shows you how the play unfolded on the court against a defense: See More

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