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About This Play/Drill

By popular Twitter demand, today's Play of the Day is the sideline out of bounds play run by the Russian National Team in their thrilling 65-64 victory over Slovenia at Eurobasket 2011 last weekend. In this play, the Russian team uses misdirection and a ball screen to free up Sergey Monya on the sideline for a game winning jumper.

This video of today's "Play of the Day" shows you how the play unfolded on the court against a defense:

  • Basketball Play - Play of the Day 09-06-2011: Money
  • Basketball Play - Play of the Day 09-06-2011: Money
  • Basketball Play - Play of the Day 09-06-2011: Money
  • Basketball Play - Play of the Day 09-06-2011: Money

Today's "Play of the Day" utilizes the feature in FastDraw that allows you to customize jersey numbers, initials, or other text you may use to designate players. Here we use the jersey numbers of the Russian players and highlight the key player in red.

  • #7 (Vitaliy Fridzon) sets a screen for #15 (Andrei Kirilenko) going to the basket while #4 (Andrey Vorontsevich) sets a flare screen for #12 (Sergey Monya) who cuts to the corner and sets up.

  • #8 (Aleksey Shved) inbounds the ball to 4 and cuts to the basket as 7 seals defender to prevent a switch. 15 cuts outside the lane to set up a pin screen.

  • 4 takes a hard dribble at 7 and hands the ball off. 7 turns the corner as 8 clears the lane and 15 pin screens 12's defender who helps on the drive.

  • 7 hits 12 for the jumper as 15 crashes the weakside board.

If you are feeling blue about the NBA lockout, we highly recommend watching EuroBasket 2011 and the FIBA Americas Championship on to get your basketball fix. These tournaments run from August 30th until September 19th and give us all the opportunity to study basketball in other parts of the world.

Many of your favorite NBA and NCAA players and coaches are participating in these tournaments. We have been glued to the games because those same players and coaches we just mentioned have been using FastDraw and FastScout for years, and we like to keep track of their progress. Not part of the Fast Model Family yet? Find out what you've been missing.