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Basketball Play - UIC Horns Screen-Screener

UIC Horns Screen-Screener

Kevin Bruinsma 02/11/2015

With Horns being such a popular set at all levels I thought I’d take a look at another action that UIC ran in their game at Milwaukee. They dribbled the point guard over to the wing and had him dribble off both 4 & 5 ball screens. Milwaukee tried to defend this in multiple ways which you will see in the video below. They tried to hedge it with the 5 man, and then they attempted to switch it. I thought this action was great to get your point guard off two ball screens, then get your 2 man coming off a screen the screener for a shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Rip


Luke Riegel 12/24/2014

This quick mis-direction action can give you several options for scoring quickly. If you have a good shooting point-guard, the early flare screen will provide him with an opportunity for a quick 3 in the possession. If the defense takes away the early 3-point attempt by your point-guard, the 3 man quickly sets a cross-screen for your 5 man, who should get a post-up opportunity on the block. The play finishes with a down-screen by the 4 man to give the 3 man an opportunity for a 3-point attempt after he cross-screens. See More

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Basketball Play - Warriors - SLOB 3 Pointer

Warriors - SLOB 3 Pointer

Jens Hakanowitz 12/03/2014

The Golden State Warriors ran this SLOB with 11 seconds to play (down by 4 points) in Game 7 of the first playoff round against the Clippers. A triple decoy play, which forces numerous switches. In this case the whole defense focused on Curry. He decided to take a 3 point runner, but could have passed the ball to Thompson for a wide open 3 point shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Box 2 - BLOB

Box 2 - BLOB

Luke Riegel 10/06/2014

This BLOB set provides an opportunity to get your best shooter (2) an open 3-pointer on the perimeter. The early action and movement by 3 and 1 tries to get the defense more concerned about their movement and forget about 2. A great "counter" option for this set is to occasionally pass it to 3 as he makes his Iverson cut. He will have an open side of the floor to attack. See More

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Basketball Play - Jayhawk


Randy Brown 05/16/2014

Posts start at elbows and ball is entered to 4 on right wing. This action sets up ball reversal 4-5-1 and shuffle cut by 4 to open lane. Secondary action includes 5-3 setting double down for 2 cutting high for a shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Wizards Post Up

Wizards Post Up

Jens Hakanowitz 05/15/2014

The Washington Wizards ran this play several times to post up Marcin Gortat during Game 5 of the EC Semi-Finals against the Pacers. The combination of a movement going to the ball (handoff) and going away from the ball (stack cross screen) makes it so effective. See More

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Basketball Play - CSKA Moscow - High Ball Screen & Backscreen

CSKA Moscow - High Ball Screen & Backscreen

Jens Hakanowitz 05/14/2014

During the 2013/2014 Euroleague season, CSKA Moscow ran this high ball screen play with the special of setting a backscreen on the screener defender. This play is designed to have your two best pick and roll players running a high ball screen. The backscreen action workes against most pick and roll defenses (an exeption is the hard hedge and trap) and opens up multiple options for the offense. See More

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