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Basketball Play - Stanford Flex Stagger Action

Stanford Flex Stagger Action

Dana Beszczynski 01/25/2016

Stanford Head Coach Johnny Dawkins runs a nice little flex cut down screen action looking to get the talented Roscoe Allen a shot off a screen-the-screener action. This is a nice set play to run especially if the defense is switching. You will either get a mismatch at the TOK with your guard or a possible slip action off the big-big screen on the baseline. See More

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Basketball Play - Box Set - Gate Action

Box Set - Gate Action

Dana Beszczynski 12/23/2015

The 2nd ATO play run by the Cavaliers last night was out of a Box Set. Brogdon sells this play by putting up his FIST like he will down screen for Thompson and quickly changes directions cutting through the elevator screen set by Gill & and Wilkins. Perrantes dribbles over for a good passing angle and hits Brogdon flaring out of the elevator screen for a 3 pt shot This play was well designed and executed to perfection by Tony Bennett's Cavaliers in a pressure situation. See More

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Basketball Play - New Orleans Pelicans "Away Double Backdoor"

New Orleans Pelicans "Away Double Backdoor"

Gibson Pyper 04/23/2015

New Orleans runs alot of Horns sets, and one of their favorite sets is to pass to the elbow and have the point guard and opposite Big set a double down screen for the wing player (usually Eric Gordon) to attack out of a dribble handoff. Against Golden State in Game 1 they ran that same action with a nice counter; instead of executing a dribble handoff with the guard on the wing, the big turns and dribbles at the ballside wing who then cuts backdoor. See More

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Basketball Play - "Post"


Luke Riegel 03/27/2015

This set provide several opportunites to get your 5 man a post touch on each block. If you have a point-guard that is comfortable posting up, this set is a great opportunity to get him an early post touch on the block. After the initial UCLA screen by the 5 man, the point-guard tries to get a post touch, but if he can't, he immediately goes into another UCLA screen for the 5 to get him back on the block. If the 5 isn't open on the block, the ball gets reversed to the point guard. The 4 man immediately sets a ball screen for the point guard to help get the ball reversed to the other side of the floor. The 3 will sprint across the lane and set a cross-screen for the 5 man and another post up opportunity for him on the opposite block. The 4 man will finish the play with a down screen for the 3 to the top of the key. See More

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Basketball Play - Texas ATO Swing

Texas ATO Swing

Wes Kosel 03/19/2015

Texas used this play after a time-out in the first half. I'm always a fan of having multiple scoring options in a play, and Rick Barnes does a great job giving his team several looks at good shots in this one. The play starts with a ball reversal (1 swinging the ball to to 4 to 3). The play gets open looks off of a down screen, back-screen, and ball-screen. Texas should come back to this play and look for the lob on the back-screen with their long wings. See More

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Basketball Play - Butler Horns Flex Action

Butler Horns Flex Action

Wes Kosel 03/19/2015

Butler used this play in the first half of the game against Texas to get an open shot in the post. The play starts in the horns set with an entry pass to the elbow. Butler fakes the staggered screen in the corner and has 2 back-cut to the basket. If 2 isn't open on the cut, he continues across the lane to set a flex screen for 3. Butler got a good look here and threw it directly in to 3 in the post. If 3 isn't open, 1 can pass to 2 cutting off of the down screen from 5. See More

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Basketball Play - Wofford Terriers Zipper Post Options

Wofford Terriers Zipper Post Options

Wes Kosel 03/17/2015

Here are two plays from Wofford Terriers head coach Mike Young. The Terriers are back in the NCAA Tournament for the 2nd straight year and for the 4th time in the past 6 seasons. In these plays, the Terriers use the point guard to set a down screen for 5. 5 makes the zipper cut up the lane line looking for the ball at the elbow or slightly extended. The small on big down screen makes it hard for the defense to defend the zipper cut into the hand-off actions. If the defense switches, the post defender is now guarding a smaller player on a hand-off (when he is used to guarding the post player). Zipper Post #1: In the first option, 2 passes to 5 at the elbow and 1 loops around 5 looking for a hand-off. If 1 cannot turn the corner, he has 4 coming off of a down screen on the weak side or 2 slipping to the basket. Zipper Post #2:In the second option, it starts just like the first play with 1 setting the screen for 5 and 5 cutting up to get the ball at the elbow. Instead of 1 cutting around 5 for hand-off. This time 3 moves in from the wing to loop around 5. Once 3 has the ball, he has the same scoring and passing options as 1 did in the first play. See More

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Basketball Play - Gregg Popovich San Antonio Spurs: 2-1-2 Scissor Option 2

Gregg Popovich San Antonio Spurs: 2-1-2 Scissor Option 2

Scott Peterman 03/04/2015

One of the most common three on three play in basketball is splitting the post and scissoring off the post, or first cutter and second cutter. This play uses an double staggered down screen. It involves the high post man and both guards. It's a great way to get your point guard a great shot. Gregg Popovich has built a good portion of his career wins on the efforts of veteran-laden teams, led by Hall of Famer David Robinson and future Hall of Famer Tim Duncan, playing a traditional, grind it out style of inside out basketball. It's been a style that was extremely successful, winning Popovich almost 65 percent of his regular season games (more than 53 games a season) and five NBA Championship Titles. If you like Coach Gregg Popovich and his San Antonio Spurs Scissors Play then you need to check out my website: Men's Basketball Hoop Scoop See More

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Basketball Play - YSU Horns Options

YSU Horns Options

Kevin Bruinsma 02/03/2015

When playing Cleveland State you have to find ways to counter their pressue and make it as difficult as possible for them to successfully trap you. They trap all ball screens so running a horns set is one of the most difficult ways for them to do that successfully. Trailing at the half at our place we started the second half running three different variations of horns on our first three possessions. We scored on all 3. With them trapping the ball screen it makes it crucial the opposite post defender sinks in the hole or there is a strong blitz from the corner/wing defender. You can see in the first clip how even though our PG #11 DJ Cole got trapped as soon as he got the ball to our 4 man #4 Shawn Amiker he had a clear driving lane to the basket. The second clip shows us going off the 4 man, their 5 didn't sink far enough and we got an And 1. The third & final clip shows a pass entry that brought us to a back screen and down screen action on the side of the floor. With them pressuring the ball our 5 man #20 Bobby Hain created space off the bounce and hit the slipping 4 man for a lay-up. See More

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Basketball Play - Valpo Pick & Roll

Valpo Pick & Roll

Kevin Bruinsma 01/31/2015

In a marquee Horizon League match-up earlier in the year Valparaiso made the trip to face Oakland. Trailing with under two minutes left in the game Valpo turned to a pick & roll action with movement out of both corners to occupy the low man away who traditionally covers the rim. By rolling up #25 Peters on the ball side it forced the Oakland defender to follow up, making the back side defenders sink in the middle. The pin down screen and space kept those defenders in defending action as opposed to getting into gaps. All of the movement out of both corners confused Oakland and led to a huge basket for Valpo. See More

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Basketball Play - Pittsburgh Stagger

Pittsburgh Stagger

Kevin Bruinsma 01/24/2015

Tied 72-72 with under 20 seconds left to play Pittsburgh ran a stagger action that free’d up #3 Cameron Wright for a wide open mid-range jumper to win the game. #3 Wright missed the shot, but Pitt went on to defeat Horizon League member Oakland in overtime. A small part to this action that I really liked was when the 1 passed the 4 man as he navigated down to the block the 4 showed his hands to the 5 man at the elbow as if he was expecting a pass for a shot. Even if he wasn’t an option in the play his attention to detail caused his man to at least play him as a threat which created a better angle for his pin down screen for the 1 man. See More

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Basketball Play - Duke Pin Down

Duke Pin Down

Basketball HQ 09/03/2014

Take the action away from the pin down screen by dribbling the basketball over to the opposite side and then bringing it back quickly to the pin down screen. This will allow for the shooter to get a better look without the defense being able to key in on them. This basketball play is all about misdirection. Pin down screener needs to set a good screen and shooter needs to set his man up. The shooter doesn’t have to catch and shoot the ball off the screen. He can shot fake or rip through and make a play for himself or a teammate. This play is from the 2005-2006 Duke season. See More

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Basketball Play - Blue Devil

Blue Devil

Randy Brown 05/08/2014

This play features a combination of on ball screens, down screens, and cross screens. 1 hands off to 3 to get play started. The 5-3 on ball screen pushes 2 into the lane to cross screen for 4. 5 pops high to catch, followed by 2's cross screen for 4. See More

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