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Basketball Play - Minnesota Lynx - ATO "UCLA Wiper"

Minnesota Lynx - ATO "UCLA Wiper"

Ryan Nguyen 10/21/2016

With 35.8 seconds left in the 4th Quarter in Game 5 of the 2016 WNBA Finals, the Minnesota Lynx ran this ATO action. As 5 sets the flare screen for 2 this forces X5 to drop back in a help/support position to prevent the basket cut. As this is happening, 5 turns and sets a second screen for 3. Since X5 is in a help position this eliminiates any help from X5 stepping out to show on the screen and leads to an open 3-point shot for Maya Moore (3). See More

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Basketball Play - France W - SLOB High Low

France W - SLOB High Low

Matt Wheeler 08/17/2016

The women's team from France uses this SLOB play to quickly get the ball inside. x4 has to help in defending the staggered screen, so 4 usually has no problem receiving the ball up top. The cuts from the wings help to draw attention from their defenders. This isolates the post players so they can make the high low pass. See More

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