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Basketball Play - Double Cut Special

Double Cut Special

Randy Brown 05/19/2013

On ball entry, 1 cuts to the lane to screen for 3. 3 uses screen to score possible catch in lane then continues to right short corner. 4 pops out to catch ball reversal from 2. Screen the screener action as 5 screens for 1. On 1's catch, 5 steps out of the lane to screen for 3 who cuts into the paint to catch and score. Give it a try! See More

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Basketball Play - NBA Play of the Day May 23: Boston Celtics EOG SOB LOB

NBA Play of the Day May 23: Boston Celtics EOG SOB LOB

Daniel Murphy 05/18/2013

Down 2 with .7 left the Celtics ran this lob to tie it up vs. the Heat in a 2009 game. Coach Rivers got this play from an AAU game. This play is all about reading the screening action. If 1's defender goes under the screen, 1 would bump off the screen for a jump shot. If 1's defender tries to trail the screen or play on the outside and deny the catch then the curl for the lob is open. If 1's defender fights through the screen but does not deny 1, 1 can still catch and shoot. See More

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Basketball Play - Miami DHO Pin Down

Miami DHO Pin Down

Daniel Murphy 05/17/2013

Opening play ran by the Heat in their 94-91 closeout game 5 win over the Bulls 5/16/13. With two dynamic scores handing off and a potential Haslem ball screen the Bulls defense was focused on the strong side. Having Bosh pin down for Chalmers game him space to attack the hoop in the center off the court. Altough Boozer was guarding Haslem, and Haslem was standing on a wing, Boozer was protecting the rim. If the Heat had a stretch 4 in at the time, Chalmers would have had a clear path to the rim, or a kick out to a wide open shooter. See More

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Basketball Play - Bulls EOH BLOB Slip

Bulls EOH BLOB Slip

Daniel Murphy 05/16/2013

The Bulls ran this baseline out of bounds play with two seconds left in the first half of their 99-93 game 7 win over Brooklyn. The timing is important on this play. Have 4 set the back screen, then 5 set a backscreen as 4 is pinning down. Boozers man did not protect the basket and Boozer cut to the basket for a dunk. See More

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Basketball Play - Duck and Pop

Duck and Pop

Randy Brown 05/15/2013

Cutting action sets up a curl and pop option for 3 and 5 respectively. 1 and 3 cut initially to set up ball reversal. On reversal from 2-4-1, 3 curls using 5's screen, followed by a screen down by 2 to free 5. This play is perfect for a scoring 3 man and a 5 that can shoot the perimeter jump shot. Both options will be present. Give it a try! See More

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Basketball Play - Shuffle Slip

Shuffle Slip

John Leonzo 05/14/2013

Here is a set that was run often by the Wichita State Shockers throughout the past season. This quick hitter gives you the option of 1 attacking off the ball screen, 4 cutting to the basket, 3 for a jumper, or 5 posting up on the block. This play is effective for getting a post up because of the misdirection that takes place off the ball screen. As 1 attacks off the ball screen and 4 cuts hard of the back screen from 5, the defense will anticipate the play coming to the strong side. As 3 pops and 5 slips to post up, the ball can be thrown back to 3 and 5 can effectively post up for a quality look at the basket. See More

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Basketball Play - OKC DHO-Pin Down

OKC DHO-Pin Down

Daniel Murphy 05/14/2013

OKC ran this play to open the second half of their game 2 loss to the Grizzlies. It used a dribble hand off and pin down to get an open jump shot for their best player. This play shows that it's invaluable to have a great screen setter like Perkins to free up a great shooter like Durant. See More

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Basketball Play - 13 Power

13 Power

Kyle Gilreath 05/13/2013

The Atlanta Hawks ran this play versus the Indiana Pacers in Round 1 of the 2013 NBA Playoffs. The Hawks like to utilize Josh Smith in the post and this is just one action to get him on the block. But like every great NBA coach, Atlanta has a counter in the event the defense deny's the action. In this case, 5 went into a dribble hand-off to get the ball back to 1. Additional ending after the DHO is for 5 to pin-down for 3. See More

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