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In his first season as Director of Basketball Operations in 2014-15.  A 2012 Rider graduate and former member of the Bronc basketball team, Noon came back to his alma mater after working at University of Maryland Baltimore County and at the University of Miami. 

Noon served as the Director of Basketball Operations at UMBC, helping the Retrievers have their finest season in five years.  Upon graduation from Rider, Noon was a graduate assistant coach with the University of Miami Hurricanes, helping that team experience its most successful season ever as ACC Regular Season and Tournament Champions.

At Miami Noon worked under National Coach of the Year Jim Larranaga, where his duties including opponent scouting. Miami defeated #1 Duke, #13 Michigan State and the Hurricanes defeated North Carolina three times.

At Rider Noon made the Rider varsity as a walk-on, earned MAAC All-Academic team honors and was presented the team’s Bubacz Award for Leadership, Sportsmanship and Scholarship.

Along with his duties with the Broncs, Noon is currently on the Board of Directors for Rising Coaches Elite Organization.

Noon is a graduate of Cherry Hill (NJ) High School West, where he won the South Jersey “Unsung hero” Award, serving three years as team captain in basketball while also captaining the varsity baseball and soccer teams.

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Basketball Play - Elbow Running Screen

Elbow Running Screen

Kevin Noon 01/04/2015

This is a good play for teams with big guards who have an advantage in post up situations. The objective of this play is to clear out a side and allow the guard to post up while still having other valuable options if that is taken away. This is a great play that can be run after time outs, if you need a quick 2 or a 3 for a good shooter. Ideally this is a play with a perimeter oriented 4 man, big guards who can post up and good 3pt shooters. Bigs set up in down screen action with guards low. 1 initiates the offense by picking a side to take the basketball. Guards will come off opposite the side the basketball is taken. Ball side big will then turn and set a back screen on other bigs man. First guard will curl to the block and 2nd guard will curl to the top looking for a 3. 4 pops and 5 ducks in looking for a post up. It forces the defense to make quick decisions and be in the right help defensive positions. Bigs line up in down screen action. 1 picks a side to take the ball. Guards come off screen opposite the basketball. 1st look: 2 posting up on the empty block 2nd look: 3 coming off screen for 3pt shot 3rd look: 1 hits 3 , 3 hits 4, 4 gets a shot 4th look: 1 hits 3, 3 hits 4, 4 hits 5 in the post. 4 is popping as soon as 3 curls to the top 5 is ducking in for a post up See More

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Basketball Play - Double High vs. 2-3 Zone

Double High vs. 2-3 Zone

Kevin Noon 12/31/2014

This play can be used a quick hitter against the zone, in transtion or as a primary entry to a 4-out/1-in zone offense. It is great to get the ball in the lane and collapse the defense. The main job of the two big men is to set a solid screen, especially the second screener. The main role of the driving guard is to draw the help defense. 1 picks a side of the court to take the ball. 4 & 5 screen the two top guards. As 1 comes off screen, he hits 2. 2 catches the ball, rips and drives looking to draw x4 and have x5 step up. 4 pops and spaces, 5 rolls looking to draw x2 and x5. If 2 draws x4 then 3 will be open in the corner. If 2 draws x5 then 5 will be open for the dump off. If 2 draws x4 and x5 and then x3 will be forced to cover 5, then 4 will be open for the skip. See More

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Basketball Play - Ball Screen Lob (LOB for 4)

Ball Screen Lob (LOB for 4)

Kevin Noon 12/30/2014

This is a great play to run out of a time out, in transtion or as a quick hitter in the flow of the game. Designed mainly for a team with a strong pick and roll PG and an athletic 4 man. This play can be used to build some momentum in a competitive game. The first look is for 4 coming off the lob but it is important for 1 to attack off the ball screen and get in the lane. 5 will be sealing ball side block and 1 comes off the screen and should be looked at for a simple post feed. See More

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