Ball Screen Lob (LOB for 4) - FastModel Sports

Published 12/30/2014 by Kevin Noon Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

This is a great play to run out of a time out, in transtion or as a quick hitter in the flow of the game.  Designed mainly for a team with a strong pick and roll PG and an athletic 4 man.  This play can be used to build some momentum in a competitive game.  The first look is for 4 coming off the lob but it is important for 1 to attack off the ball screen and get in the lane.  5 will be sealing ball side block and 1 comes off the screen and should be looked at for a simple post feed.

  • Basketball Play - Ball Screen Lob (LOB for 4)

4 sets ball screen for 1. As ball screen is being set, 5 seals on opposite block. 3 sets a back screen for 4. 4 rolls to the basket for a lob. 1's primary job is to use ball screen and attack paint