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Basketball Play - Zipper Fist SLOB

Zipper Fist SLOB

Daniel Murphy 07/31/2013

Zipper screen to a ball screen from the sideline. Simple play that allows your players to make reads. 4 and 5 can roll and replace. 1 can finish at the rim. Hit 5 on the roll. 4 on the replace for a shot or hi-low with 5. If any weakside help pulls in, 1 can pass out for an open perimeter jump shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Dive Double Spin

Dive Double Spin

Adam Spinella 07/31/2013

Dive Double Spin is a very precise and complex way to get a backdoor opportunity. While it may be just a bit too complex to run at a high school level, its level of success at the collegiate level was astounding. At the University of Indiana, Kelvin Sampson used this play to get his best finishers an opportunity at the rim without challenge. See More

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Basketball Play - LA Lakers Horns Set

LA Lakers Horns Set

Brandon Huntley 07/29/2013

This set was ran by the LA Lakers Summer League Team. There are a lot of different options from this play and it is really important for your point guard to make the right decision. I really like how this play opens up the floor on the ball side, but keeps the defenders busy on the weak side. The 1st option is a dibble handoff between the 5 and 3 The 2nd option is a kickout to the 1 and then a Pick & Roll with the 5 to open up three different looks See More

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Basketball Play - Drag DHO Flare

Drag DHO Flare

Adam Spinella 07/28/2013

Quick three pointers and post-up opportunities that take place simultaneously can be very useful for a team that needs a bucket and can afford to shoot from any spot on the floor. Drag DHO Flare is a play designed to get a post up and a flare screen opportunity at the same time. This play designs a shot for 2 from the corner and specifically targets a miscommunication amongst defenders x4 and x2. See More

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Basketball Play - Huskie Low

Huskie Low

Adam Spinella 07/23/2013

UCONN Women's Basketball Coach Geno Auriemma uses this play on occasion to free up a shooter and a post for good looks at a shot. While the PG isolates and dribbles on the wing there is a lot of misdirection action in traffic near the paint. I like to think of this play a little bit like an off-centered Triple Screen that leads into a post cross screen. See More

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Basketball Play - Slice Read Option

Slice Read Option

Adam Spinella 07/23/2013

Last season in Cleveland, Byron Scott ran this play so he could get Kyrie coming off a re-screen action and to let Dion Waiters have the chance to work in isolation at the top of the key. When the Cavs would go small and put Wayne Ellington at the 3, defenses would have a tough time chasing their shooters off the perimeter and wrestling in the post against Thompson and Speights. See More

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Basketball Play - Wing ISO Post Curl

Wing ISO Post Curl

Adam Spinella 07/20/2013

This was a play I saw the Pacers run against the Miami Heat in Game Three of the Eastern Conference Finals. It got Roy Hibbert a wide open shot near the rim, but before that action took place, Paul George started to back down his man in the post on an empty side, indicating an isolation option for George. Coach Frank Vogel drew up a great play here to get his two best offensive players good looks in the same action. See More

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Basketball Play - Utah Handoff Curl-Slip

Utah Handoff Curl-Slip

Adam Spinella 07/19/2013

This Sideline out of Bounds play was run by the Utah Jazz under the leadership of Jerry Sloan. Sloan used a handoff/ downscreen curl simultaneously to get the ball into a cutting big man, who would usually get to the free throw line as a result of this play. There are many options for a layup or a shot in a very brief amount of action; all around one of the better side-out plays I've seen. See More

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Basketball Play - Miami Post Iso

Miami Post Iso

Kevin Bruinsma 07/19/2013

One of the few plays not for #6 Lebron James that the Miami Heat utilized to get #1 Chris Bosh a post iso. Using him as a screener to free up #34 Ray Allen and then clearing #3 Dwayne Wade out as a decoy every single Miami player was outside the 3 point arc leaving the lob to #1 Bosh wide open. See More

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Basketball Play - "3 Down"

"3 Down"

Kyle Gilreath 07/17/2013

The Portland Trailblazers ran "3 Down" Tuesday night in their game versus the Chicago Bulls during the 2013 NBA Las Vegas Summer League. In this play it is 1's option to use the pick & roll or pass to 3 for a shot or pick & roll. See More

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