End of Clock ISO - FastModel Sports

Published 02/28/2015 by Andrew Greer Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Set from Donnie Tyndall that he ran at the end of the 1st half vs. Vanderbilt on 2/26/15. Multiple actions that turn into an isolation set or a two man game. Great way to get the ball to your best player in space if he/she is not your point guard.

  • Basketball Play - End of Clock ISO
  • Basketball Play - End of Clock ISO
  • Started this motion with approx. 15 seconds.
    2-Makes a hard cut into the high post and returns to wing.
    3-Cuts below the blocks to the opposite corner.
  • 5 steps in to screen for 4.
    4-Option 1: Curl to the middle (red). Option 2: Wing catch and attack.