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About This Play/Drill

Increasingly at the collegiate and even high school levels, teams are running ball screen sets. As the postseason nears and high level teams remain, offenses must be prepared for all different styles of defensive play. Some nuanced defensive teams will throw a counter to good ball screen offenses – known as icing. Icing a ball screen occurs on side ball screens, where the man guarding the ball squares his shoulders to the sideline and does not let the ball go middle. The man guarding the screener does not hedge the screen, instead being ready to contain the ball as it gets driven towards the baseline. He contains, the original defender recovers and the man guarding the screener is in position to take away any rolls to the rim.

The most obvious counter to icing a ball screen is hitting the pick-and-pop game, since coverage on the screener is non-existent at the moment the ball gets driven baseline. After that, teams adjust to set alley screens which lead the ball handler to the baseline. However, coaches of ball screen-heavy offenses may consider putting in a counter during the postseason. If your side ball screen set usually happens with a filled corner on the side of the screen, this play is a good way to put the pressure on the defense to decide how much they value defending your shooters.

  • Basketball Play - Wizards Slip Pin

Whenever the ball screen comes to be set on the side, 1 tries to come off it. However the man setting the screen slips and goes into the corner to seek out the defender of 2. 2 raises quickly and looks for the shot. There should be no help on this screen, with x4 staying on the inside ready to contain any baseline drive, and there should be a passing angle with x1 forcing 1 to the sideline. 1 doesn’t need to come off to attack, if he dribbles out towards half-court he will keep his defender engaged and open enough space for 2 to either catch-and-shoot or attack the middle of the court.