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Basketball Play - Loop Iverson Dayton

Loop Iverson Dayton

Evan Orzolek 06/10/2017

Ball screen set run by Stelmet Zielona Gora from the Polish Basketball League. Includes a zipper, iverson, and cross screen that flows into a double ball screen for a perimeter player. "Dayton" is a term I came up with when the first ball screen is set player "4" (who automatically pops) and then is followed by a second ball screen by player "5" (who rolls to the rim). See More

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Basketball Play - Cleveland Cavaliers - SLOB EOG Need a 3

Cleveland Cavaliers - SLOB EOG Need a 3

Matt Wheeler 06/08/2017

The Cleveland Cavaliers ran this play down 3 with 12.9 seconds left in Game 3 of the NBA Finals. With no timeouts left, the Cavaliers were looking for a three point shot. This play provided two options at it, but both were defended well by the Warriors. The Cavaliers subbed out Kyle Korver on this possession but he wouldn't have been an option. They were looking for Kyrie (1) or LeBron (3) See More

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Basketball Play - Lob Sets - The Hill (SLOB)

Lob Sets - The Hill (SLOB)

Doug Brotherton 05/22/2017

"The Hill" is named after Greenhill School in Addison, Texas. At the 2017 TABC (Texas Association of Basketball Coaches) Clinic, there was a "Pass the Chalk" Event. This SLOB was drawn by Greenhill School boys varsity basketball coach, Joey Sims. I have added a double stagger to the end of the set, so that there is a secondary action, if the lob is not available. See More

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Basketball Play - Lob Sets - Iverson Down Flop

Lob Sets - Iverson Down Flop

Doug Brotherton 05/22/2017

"Iverson Down Flop" is a lob set, which is dependent on the ability of the passer to read the down screen. We use the term "FLOP," to replace FAKE. The play has an Iverson cut, followed by a "FLOP" or "FAKE" down screen. If X5 stays in the lane, the 2 should curl the down screen. This will result in a 2-on-1 at the rim. See More

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Basketball Play - Celtics - Cross Twist

Celtics - Cross Twist

Doug Brotherton 05/16/2017

In the 4th quarter of Game 7, in the 2017 NBA Playoffs, the Celtics were trying to find an answer to the Wizards 7-0 run. Brad Stevens ran this ATO, which resulted in an easy Marcus Smart lay-up. The play uses some misdirection, to get an easy post entry. With Celtics' star Isaiah Thomas cutting to the wing, and a cross screen happening, it looks like the ball will work back to that side of the floor. Instead, Olynyk dribbled the opposite direction, and Horford screened X3. When X4 fought over the screen, Smart (3) simply slips to the ball. This was one of the best ATO designs of the 2017 NBA Playoffs. The Celtics weathered that Wizards run, winning Game 7, to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals. See More

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Basketball Play - Iverson Sets - Iverson Loop

Iverson Sets - Iverson Loop

Doug Brotherton 05/15/2017

"Iverson Loop" is a misdirection set that can be used to get a shooter an open look, or isolate a skilled player. The Iverson cut clears out the weak side. When the flare screen is set, the passer must decide if he throws the skip pass to 4, or looks at the 5 on the slip to the rim. If the ball is skipped to 4, it is for a shot, or a wing isolation is created for the player to attack. See More

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