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Basketball Play - HoopGrind Basketball - "Elbow Chase"

HoopGrind Basketball - "Elbow Chase"

Doug Brotherton 04/07/2017

This box set incorporates our "ELBOW" action. The Elbow action starts in a box set, with guards splitting to the wings. Post lift up the lane line. What I like about this play is the versatility. It can be used to generate an open 3, a post iso, or a high/low look. It can also be used effectively against man-to-man or zone defense, by simply teaching 4 to set the cross screen on the middle of the zone. For more great X's & O's, follow FastModel Sports on Twitter at @FastModel or Coach Brotherton at @CoachBrotherton . See More

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Basketball Play - Oregon - Spread Motion

Oregon - Spread Motion

Andrew Lacey 04/01/2017

1 passes to 3, 2 cuts off 5 man through the key to the basket then empties out to ballside corner 5 screens opposite elbow, 4 cuts off to ballside block, 1 relocates 3 looks to pass directly to 5, or to 1 who passes to 5 1 cuts off 5 for a handoff, 3 rotates up to the slot, 2 rotates to wing, 4 rotates to corner 1 looks to turn corner off handoff, if not then dribble drags to corner, 5 rolls to ballside block, 3 rotates to ballside slot, 2 rotates to opposite slot, 4 rotates to wing 1 looks to 5 or reverses to 3 who looks to 5 For continuity of the offense, 3 looks to pass to 4 or retreat dribbles and passes to 1 If ball is passed to 4, 3 cuts to basket then empties out to ballside corner, 5 screens opposite elbow, 1 pops to wing 5 screens opposite elbow, 1 cuts to ballside block, 2 relocates See More

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Basketball Play - San Antonio Spurs - "Elbow 1"

San Antonio Spurs - "Elbow 1"

Doug Brotherton 03/28/2017

The San Antonio Spurs beat the defending NBA Champion, Cleveland Cavaliers, by 29 points. There was a lot working. This set was my favorite, as it has multiple scoring options. The Spurs stack two players weakside, to make it look like Kawhi Leonard (3) will come off of a weakside down screen. Instead, he sets a baseline cross screen, in a great screen-the-screener action. See More

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Basketball Play - Kentucky - Iverson Chase

Kentucky - Iverson Chase

Doug Brotherton 03/26/2017

Kentucky ran this set in their Elite 8 match-up with North Carolina. The set is well designed, as it creates an advantage in the wing pick and roll. The 4 fills to the top, in the case that the opponent tries to ice or trap the ball screen. A quick pass to 4, allows for the lob to 5. If they do not do those things, then 2 should turn the corner, looking to make a play. See More

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Basketball Play - Xavier - Shuffle Stagger Floppy

Xavier - Shuffle Stagger Floppy

Doug Brotherton 03/24/2017

This set is one of my favorites of the 2017 NCAA Tournament. There are numerous scoring opportunities, as it is a combination of multiple actions. Xavier ran this set in their Sweet 16 game, against Arizona. The set resulted in a wide open three point attempt. The play gets a ball reversal, has a shuffle cut, double stagger screen, and flows into Floppy action. Great stuff by Coach Mack! See More

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Basketball Play - Kansas - SLOB Iverson Lob

Kansas - SLOB Iverson Lob

Matt Wheeler 03/24/2017

Kansas finished off a run with this SLOB play in their sweet sixteen game against Purdue. 1 makes a zipper cut to receive the inbounds pass from 4. 4 makes an Iverson cut off of screens from 3 & 5. Once x4 curls over the top of 5, x5 has to provide help at the rim. In this play he didn't and 4 was able to get the lob dunk. Another key is 1 selling the Iverson cut for 4 by following him with the dribble. 1 cuts back before the cut to the rim to set up a better passing angle. See More

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