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Basketball Play - VCU - BLOB "Buck 5"

VCU - BLOB "Buck 5"

Aseem Rastogi 03/17/2017

With 9 minutes left in the second half of their game with St. Mary's, VCU Coach Will Wade called "Buck 5" for a BLOB to score. This BLOB starts with a 4 low formation, but quickly morphs into flex offense with an option to hit the 5 man coming off a cross screen from the 1, and a downscreen for the 1 to score on an iso from the wing (what happened in this instance). See More

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Basketball Play - Wake Forest - Fake Cross Lob

Wake Forest - Fake Cross Lob

Lucas Shapiro 03/15/2017

This is an after timeout play Wake Forest ran against Kansas State (5:37 in 2nd half - 3/14/17). This set is good to run against a team that is switching everything, especially on cross screens. If you have a big man that is good at catching lobs over the defense, this is a good one to add to your playbook. See More

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Basketball Play - UNC Tar Heels Secondary Break (Base Action)

UNC Tar Heels Secondary Break (Base Action)

Randy Sherman 03/13/2017

This is the base action of the UNC Tar Heels Secondary Break. It begins with a rebound and wide outlet pass. Post makes hard RIM RUN! On ball reversal through the trailer, the wing goes over the block to backscreen for trailer. If ball is not in the the air for lob, cross screen and look to enter to 5 or run your termination offense. The video shows some counters for the break and a step out three by the back-screener! For more one UNC Secondary Break click here. See More

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Basketball Play - Virginia Set Play

Virginia Set Play

Dana Beszczynski 03/05/2017

Tony Bennett is always seen as a "master" Coach for the Cavaliers defensive abilities, but his Offensive diversity outside of their normal motion sets are really good. Here's a play the Cavaliers ran against the Tar Heels. A set with so much movement and options, this is a set that will give your opponents fits. See More

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Basketball Play - Hawk Double Cross

Hawk Double Cross

Dana Beszczynski 02/17/2017

Michigan State Head Coach Tom Izzo has one of the most extensive offensive playbooks in Division I. Here is a a version of the old NBA "Hawk" set PG dribble enters clearing the wing and then the "Hawk" screen is set sending the 2 guard ball side for a possible quick hit pass The play continues with a double stagger for the cutter off ball reversal and then when nothing is open a quick throwback to the wing for a screen-the-screener action trying to free the 5 under the basket If nothing in the Post is free, the screen is set at the FT Line and the 5 having relocated sprints-to-screen at the TOK See More

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Basketball Play - Texas A&M - Reverse Double

Texas A&M - Reverse Double

Matt Wheeler 02/14/2017

Texas A&M ran this play multiple times in their game against Florida. The Aggies use false motion to help set up the double screen for a 3 point shot. The ball reversal and cuts from the guards shifts the defense and the pindown for 1 gets the ball back in their point guard's hands. Once 1 has the ball, 3 cuts off of a double screen from 5 & 4. 1 passes to 3 for the shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Butler End of Game BOB

Butler End of Game BOB

Dana Beszczynski 12/21/2016

This was the late game BOB play Coach Holtman used to guide Butler to what many perceived as an upset of the Indiana Hoosiers last Saturday night. But, the Bulldogs are no stranger to knocking off big time programs. This perfectly designed BOB situation uses the decoy screen for the 5 man who comes across the lane clearing the defense out and the 4 man uses good timing to move towards 3 before slipping hard catching the Indiana defender looking at the 3 man. 1 makes the perfect pass for the dunk in the lane and a big play for the Butler Bulldogs in their knocking off the Indiana Hoosiers! See More

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