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Basketball Play - 1-4 Wing Option

1-4 Wing Option

Rory Hamilton 07/17/2018

Pass to either wing after set-up game to 1-4. Ball side post screens away for the other post and has two options: 1. Curl to block and screener snaps back to top of key for ball reversal. Option 2: Ball side post player slips screen and dives to block. Weak side post player flashes to top of key. Ready for offense See More

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Basketball Play - 5 Stagger Utah

5 Stagger Utah

KJ Smith 07/09/2018

1 dribbles to the wing and looks for a backdoor cut from 3. 3 sets a backscreen for 5 to post up and get the ball from 1. Upon post entry, 3 sets a backscreen for 1 who sets a crl screen for 2. 1 will sprint off of a screen by 3. See More

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