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Basketball Play - Communication Drill: 3v3 Flex Screen Defense

Communication Drill: 3v3 Flex Screen Defense

Matt Wheeler 11/01/2018

This continuous 3v3 drill teaches the defense to defend the flex action using different roles with different communication responsibilities. The drill will will be repeated three times so each defensive player has an opportunity to practice each part. 3 calls the screen and provides help. 2 goes over the cross screen on the baseline and communicates when matched back up. 1 communicates the down screen and opens up to allow 3 to get through the screen. 3 informs 1 when he is through the screen and matched up. On the FMS blog: Building Communication With Your Team See More

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Basketball Play - Maryland Terrapins - Basic Motion

Maryland Terrapins - Basic Motion

Dave Nedbalek 10/31/2018

This is an attempt to scout an initial action that Marlyand will start their true motion with. They run a true free flowing motion offense which has very little consistent patterns, and consists of many off ball screens and various combinations of those. This is a great offense in terms of the inability to scout it, and the constant burden of communication it places on the defense. More on the FMS blog: NCAA Preseason Top 25 XsOs Click to view all plays by Coach Dave Nedbalek! See More

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