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Basketball Play - Detroit Pistons - Slice U

Detroit Pistons - Slice U

Jordan Petersen 11/13/2017

The Detroit Pistons ran this action against the Minnesota Timberwolves. It has a lot of different options out of it. 1 can receive a pass after the back screen. If 1 does not receive the pass then they go set the flex screen for 2. After setting the screen they receive a down screen from 4. 5 makes the read on who is open between 2 or 1. See More

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Basketball Play - Houston Rockets - Thru Low Stagger

Houston Rockets - Thru Low Stagger

Ryan Nguyen 11/13/2017

A wrinkle out of the Houston Rockets "Thru Low" action. 1 passes ahead to 3 then cuts through to set a flex screen for 4. 4 cuts off the flex screen and receives the ball from 3 for a post up. 3 and 5 set a stagger screen at the free throw area for 2, who cuts to the ball and attacks the basket on catch after receiving ball from 4. See More

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Basketball Play - NC Central - Cross Elevator

NC Central - Cross Elevator

Matt Wheeler 11/01/2017

NC Cenral ran this elevator play late in the second half of their opening round game in the NCAA Tournament against UC Davis to get an open look at a 3 point shot. 5 circles under 4 to set up the elevator screen as 3 sets a cross screen for 2. 2 then uses the screen from 3 and cuts through the elevator screen from 4 & 5. 1 passes to 2 for the open shot. Blog Post: Offensive Actions Breakdown - Elevator Screens See More

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