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About This Play/Drill

The Houston Rockets were down 5 with 24.4 seconds left in game 1 against the Golden State Warriors. They needed at least two scores to tie the game so they needed to get a quick basket and then foul to extend the game. This play worked very well against the Warriors strategy of switching all screens. James Harden (2) started the play as a decoy, setting the second screen for Eric Gordon (3). The Warriors switched off of Harden on the screen to take away an open three from Gordon. Harden then flashed to the ball to receive the pass from 5 and quickly attack the basket.

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  • Basketball Play - Houston Rockets - Stagger Slip SLOB
  • Basketball Play - Houston Rockets - Stagger Slip SLOB
  • 4 cuts to the ball-side corner.

  • 3 cuts to the free throw line then curls around the stagger screen from 1 & 2.

    2 slips the screen and cuts to the ball.

    5 passes to 3.