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About This Play/Drill

Full court, full skill drill utilizing the Dr. Dish as the outlet passer. Use it to train ball handling, outlet pass positioning, moves on the move, finishing off two feet, and more. The goal of total makes should vary by level - girls' varsity team starts out with the goal of 70 in 5 mins in November, should be nearing 100 in January.

  • Basketball Play - Dr. Dish - Hunt the Paint Drill
  • Basketball Play - Dr. Dish - Hunt the Paint Drill
  • Basketball Play - Dr. Dish - Hunt the Paint Drill
  • Tempo: 3

    Location: 5 or 15

    Number of balls: unlimited - want 5/6 balls in the Dish


    Players start on the mid post. First player swoops to receive an outlet pass from the Dish.

  • Upon catching, the player peeks and rips the ball in front of them. Note: Put a coach or a manager at the outlet location to simulate a secondary defender.


    Player sprint dribbles up the sideline to the first cone/chair/coach/manager. They perform an attack move preceded by a hesitation and peek.


    Push the dribble to the inside of the obstacle to get to the middle of the court.

  • Player 1 finishes on the other end with a finishing move prescribed at the beginning of the drill. The cone/manager/chair serves as the bottom defender in transition. Note: There should be a coach or manager for the players to "sever the angle" on to get into the paint. Add when your team is used to the pace.


    Player 1 rips the ball out of the net and attacks the outside cone on the opposite side of the court from their original attack. They hunt the paint and pull up for a jumper in the lane, joining the back of the line.


    Meanwhile, player 2 is swooping to continue the drill.