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Basketball Play - UCLA Strong

UCLA Strong

Kyle Gilreath 07/12/2013

The Utah Jazz ran this Elbow-UCLA action into a modified flex pindown versus the Indiana Pacers this morning during the final day of the Orlando NBA Summer League. The key to this play having your 1 man slow down enough for his defender to think to help on the screen and then shoot off the pin down, creating space. See More

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Basketball Play - Dive Double Spin

Dive Double Spin

Adam Spinella 07/31/2013

Dive Double Spin is a very precise and complex way to get a backdoor opportunity. While it may be just a bit too complex to run at a high school level, its level of success at the collegiate level was astounding. At the University of Indiana, Kelvin Sampson used this play to get his best finishers an opportunity at the rim without challenge. See More

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Basketball Play - Uno and Uno Counter

Uno and Uno Counter

Jacob Collins 08/02/2013

With the endless talk of Football on ESPN these days its hard to escape the pigskin, but I think there are a lot of things we can learn from Football Coaches. The use of misdirection is key in the game of football and under-utilized in the game of basketball. The first set is what our team calls "Uno" because it is a play for our 1 man. You will notice that it is a common action and either you or someone in your league probably runs this play. The second play is just a counter to the action, a misdirection play based on how the defense is playing you. See More

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Basketball Play - UCLA


Dana Beszczynski 08/02/2013

High Elbow Flash Action In this play Cameron Dollar hits Ed O'Bannon flashing to the ballside elbow to initiate the offense High Elbow Flash Action Toby Bailey cut backdoor staying wide looking for the pass from E. O'Bannon As Bailey is cutting to the basket: Cameron Dollar who took over for the injured Tyus Edney makes a direct cut to the basket and receives the pass from E. O'Bannon for his shot attempt The 5 man Georg Zidek did a good job stepping out giving space for the cut UCLA Curl Cut Action In this set, Toby Bailey ran the PG position Cameron Dollar (1) gets a backscreen from E. O'Bannon looking for a quick hit backdoor Charles O'Bannon (3) and Georg Zidek (5) exchange positions setting up the next action in this set UCLA Curl Cut Action Cameron Dollar (1) then sets a backscreen for E. O'Bannon who was wide open under the basket On the opposite side: Georg Zidek (5) set a downscreen for C. O'Bannon (3) who curled the cut as his defender was trailing Bailey chose to hit C. O'Bannon here, but this is a real good set to catch the defense in a "switching" situation See More

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Basketball Play - 3 on 3 Actions (3 of 4)

3 on 3 Actions (3 of 4)

null null 10/27/2013

Our team uses this drill when teams use the UCLA cut and some of the common actions. We like to break down how to defend the UCLA cut, down screen, ball screen, an scissor cut. This is a great breakdown drill for players at all levels. Coaches need to decide how to defend these common actions. See More

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Basketball Play - UCLA Double

UCLA Double

Kyle Gilreath 11/04/2013

This play the Chicago Bulls ran over the weekend versus the 76ers is a very popular one run in the NBA by multiple teams. Frame 1 is the action that the Bulls ran. However, if you have a shooting 4 or decide to UCLA screen with a big instead of a guard, Frame 2 (OPTION 2) is a great tweak to get another scoring option for one of your shooters. Furthermore, with an explosive point guard like Rose, you can also choose to dribble 2 up and have 2 Hawk cut off the post to get your point guard using the side pick & roll instead. See More

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Basketball Play - 4 High Series Marquette

4 High Series Marquette

Dana Beszczynski 11/15/2013

Marquette Head Coach Buzz Williams ran the 4 High Series and this is an easy to use set for all levels. There is a good over the top action to being freeing up the 2 man on the wing who can look to drive if the defense gets hung up in the screen. Second, they run a good UCLA action for the PG who cuts to the basket looking for a possible pass. You get a ball reversal and baseline screen for 1 who comes out looking for his shot or post entry to 5 sealing in. There is a Zipper action for the 3 man who cuts off 5 to the basket looking for a quick hit lob pass or direct lay-up. The play ends with a SPNR between 5 & 1 and the spacing is excellent coming off the screen as the shooters spot up on the wing and corner, 4 dives to the weak side block. A great all around set with multiple options! See More

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Basketball Play - Colorado 1-4 High Offense

Colorado 1-4 High Offense

Alan Peel 12/03/2013

This is a diagram of a play that Colorado ran as a set play against Harvard in their game on November 24. The play can result in a three-point shot or a post feed. The play also helps Colorado transition into their half court motion offense if they do not score off of the set play. For more, check out my website, sign up for a membership, and get your first 30 days free. See More

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