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Basketball Play - Syracuse - ATO Angle Flare

Syracuse - ATO Angle Flare

Anonymous 03/18/2016

Syracuse started the game against Dayton with this play. In typical pick and roll coverage, x2 is responsible for nail/FT line coverage to prevent a drive by the ballhandler. This makes x2 susceptible to a flare screen, which Syracuse was able to use to start the game with a good 3pt look. See More

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Basketball Play - UNCW - Loop Slip

UNCW - Loop Slip

Anonymous 03/17/2016

UNCW ran Loop action several times against Duke in the 1st half, and this was one play I particularly liked. After two runs off the stagger and receives the ball, 5 cross screens 4 into a side pick and roll. The 4 slips early to the corner for a look at a 3pt shot. This puts a lot of pressure on x4 defensively, but in this particular case, Duke's Ingram just had so much length that he was able to closeout in time to prevent the 3pt shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Northern Kentucky "Flare vs Zone"

Northern Kentucky "Flare vs Zone"

Anonymous 01/15/2016

Northern Kentucky ran a really good flare set vs a 2-3 zone that allowed for an open look at the basket. After reversing the ball, 4 & 5 step outside the paint and screen the top 2 men of the zone. This allows the off ball guard to catch and attack quickly, almost like a quick hitting pick and roll action. See More

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Basketball Play - 2 Rip (Billy Donovan Play for Stretch Big)

2 Rip (Billy Donovan Play for Stretch Big)

Anonymous 07/30/2015

As a University of Kentucky fan I have been able to watch Billy Donovan several times a year since I was a kid. It's still burned into my mind excellent post players such as David Lee, Jo Noah, and Al Horford dominating my beloved Cats on the block. Although, those are certainly not the only posts that have excelled in his system. This is one of my personal favorites of Coach Donovan and I look forward to seeing how well it works for Kevin Durant. This play is great for multiple reasons. The first, it is a natural counter to a normal secondary break action for the Gators, a spread pick and roll. The guard rejects the screen to drive baseline. The 3 man (normally for Coach Donovan is an excellent 3pt shooter) is spaced in the corner. The key to this play, is freeing up a stretch 4 for an open look. After dishing and spacing, the 1 man leads the stagger for the 4 while the 5 man completes the stagger. What happens if there is a big to big switch? This all depends on your personnel. Let's apply this to Coach Donovan's new team, the Oklahoma City Thunder. If this play is ran for Durant at the 4, the options for the defense aren't pretty. If the screen is gapped, you run the risk of Durant having a wide open look. If you switch, you risk having a center guarding arguably thefts scorer in the league. Again, you don't have KD on your squad and I know I don't. But perhaps this can get you an isolated mismatch. Questions/comments/concerns? Message me on twitter @jacobcollins34 See More

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Basketball Play - Flyer Drag

Flyer Drag

Anonymous 03/19/2015

Here is a play from Wednesday night's game between Dayton and Boise State. Very similar to his brother at Arizona, Archie Miller runs great combinations of actions to get open shots for his best players. In this play, the Flyers spread out along the perimeter and the point guard brings the ball up the right side of the floor. 5, who is trailing the play, moves in to set a drag screen for 1. The initial pick and roll is set to get a good look at Kendall Pollard inside (with the rest of the team on the 3-point line). If Pollard isn't open inside, he clears to the corner as a flare screen is set for the point guard (or best shooter). I saw Jordan Sibert and Scoochie Smith come off of this flare screen in the game. See More

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Basketball Play -  Mike Budenholzer Atlanta Hawks: Stretch Four Shooter Play

Mike Budenholzer Atlanta Hawks: Stretch Four Shooter Play

Anonymous 02/28/2015

Mike Budenholzer and his ball sharing, pass-happy scheme have teh Atlanta Hawks on top of the NBA Eastern Conference Standings. Coach Budenholzer says that he likes seeing his players get on each other when someone strays from his lessons on court spacing, pick and rolls, and pass after pass. The Atlanta Hawks were long know for isolation basketball. They had to change their ways when Mike Bedenholder was hired from the San Antonio Spurs. Now there is balance among all the five starters scoring in double figures. I really liked this Stretch Four Play for Kyle Korver of the Atlanta Hawks. If you liked this play then check out my website: Men's Basketball Hoop Scoop See More

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