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Basketball Play - JB Special for Point Guard

JB Special for Point Guard

Randy Brown 12/14/2012

This multi-purpose play can help score points at different times during the game. It can be executed when you need a bucket, at the end of a quarter or half, out of a time out, as a quick hitting secondary play, or at the end of the game. You can move players around and feature any player as the go to guy in this play. See More

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Basketball Play - Pistons Dribble Handoff Set

Pistons Dribble Handoff Set

Bert DeSalvo 12/13/2012

The Pistons ran their offense through Greg Monroe early in their December 10th, 2012 game vs. the Philadelphia 76ers. This option included two dribble handoff options for Stuckey and Prince and occurred at the 4:38 mark of the 1st quarter. The Pistons, Greg Monroe, is a versatile 6'11' lefty, who is currently averaging 15.3ppg and 9.1 rpg. See More

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Basketball Play - A look at the Lakers' pick-and-roll sans Nash (Pt. 1)

A look at the Lakers' pick-and-roll sans Nash (Pt. 1)

Mark Travis 12/03/2012

The Los Angeles Lakers have had their ups-and-downs since Mike D'Antoni was named their new head coach, which was expected with Steve Nash being out, but the one consistent theme with the offense so far has been how well Kobe Bryant is working out of the pick-and-roll. Forget scoring, which Bryant is doing at an elite level even in his 17th season, Kobe, whose reputation as a gunner has sullied his beautiful passing ability, is facilitating the offense extremely well in the abscene of Nash. On this play we can see how Kobe makes a great read to find a wide open shooters as well as how much attention Dwight Howard draws onn the pick-and-roll. This is the kind of play that D'Antoni is thinking about when he considers starting Antawn Jamison over Pau Gasol for spacing purposes. See More

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