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Basketball Play - 2v2 Full Court Get Back

2v2 Full Court Get Back

Drew Hanlen 11/01/2013

Live 2v2 in the half-court. The Black Team starts by attacking the Red Team. As soon as the Black Team scores or gets stopped, one member from the Red Team has to take the ball out of bounds and inbounds to the coach at the top of the key, while the Black Team players that just played offense have to sprint back on defense. As soon as the coach at the top of the key receives the inbounds pass, he will pass to the coach on the opposite side of the court. Once the second coach receives the ball, he will hit either of the new players from the Red Team (3 or 4) and it will be live 2v2 against the Black Team players that sprinted back on defense. Offense to Defense. Defense to Inbound Passer. Inbound Passer and other Teammate to back of your team lines. Black Team vs Red Team. Keep track of points scored for six minutes. Loser has punishment for every point they lose by (sprints, defensive slides, closeouts, push ups, etc) Rules on Offense: Three dribbles MAX and one pass per possession. See More

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Basketball Play - New Jersey Nets Transition

New Jersey Nets Transition

Daniel Murphy 10/18/2013

One of my favorite transition drills. Got this from Coach Bob Hurley Sr. who I believe got it from the NJ Nets-hence the name NJ nets transition. I like to use of shot clock to keep the offense aggressive. 6-7 seconds for the first trip and add a second or two each time so when it's 5-4 there are around 12 seconds to attack. If you really need to condition a player always have them shoot the FT or start on the court as defense. Keep score however you would like. 2's and 3's or points for O and D boards. Run for 6-8 minutes or 15 if you really need to condition. See More

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Basketball Play - 3-3 Conversion

3-3 Conversion

Daniel Murphy 09/30/2013

Drill stolen from Coach Bob Hurley of St. Anthony H.S. He in turn got it from Dick Harter. As a rule the player who defensive rebounds or takes the ball out of bounds after a score is on offense and the old offense always converts to defense. This is similar to 11 man break or other 3-3 drills where the defense comes in from the sideline, but in my opinion is a little more practical because the defense had to convert from offense and is in a more realistic game scenario. Many successful coaches believe transition defense is one of the top 3 skills a team must have. As such, defensive transition should be drilled daily. A note about drills-make sure to teach the skills you want. Stopping the ball, protecting the basket, communicating, screening, passing, cuttining etc. You can play this drill for a set amount of time ie. 8 minutes and keep score. Depending on what you as a coach want to emphasize, points can be given or taken for offensive rebounds, turnovers etc. Because it is 3-3 conversion, a short clock can be used to promote an aggressive offensive attack. See More

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Basketball Play - Four-Man Break

Four-Man Break

Alan Peel 09/10/2013

This drill is designed to teach primary break by getting players to fill lanes and get the ball up the floor quickly by passing it. If you need to make sure that your players run wide, you can place cones seven feet from the sideline at half court. For more, check out my website, sign up for a membership and get your first 30 days free. For more, check out my website, sign up for a membership and get your first 30 days free. - See more at: See More

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Basketball Play - Stagger 2/3 & Shooting Breakdown

Stagger 2/3 & Shooting Breakdown

Daniel Murphy 08/03/2013

Stagger screen for either of your best shooters. If 5 man helps too much on the screen, make sure to look inside for the slip instead of screen and space. In frame 3 you can see the spacing and how 5, 3 and 1 spread the floor. If you have more coaches you can have 3 take the shot off the curl and have a coach make two passes to 1 or add another coach and have one coach pass to 1 and another coach pass to 2. See More

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Basketball Play - Loop 2 & Shooting Breakdown

Loop 2 & Shooting Breakdown

Daniel Murphy 08/02/2013

Simple entry into a side ball screen. If you are fortunate enough to have some assistant coaches or managers and can have them pass, then you can run through your offense and get game spot shots at the same time. Be creative and I'm sure you can find a way to make a shooting drill out of your 5-0 offense. This will save you time and get players realistic shots within the offense. See More

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Basketball Play - Loop 2 Chase & Shooting Breakdown

Loop 2 Chase & Shooting Breakdown

Daniel Murphy 07/31/2013

Counter to Loop 2, sets up a middle ball screen. If 1 can't pass to 2 on the wing, 2 drifts to the corner and 5 ball screens 1. After 1 throws back to 5 on the pick and pop, 5 can shoot, dribble hand off with 2, pass to 2 and follow for the corner pick and roll, or drive at 2's defender to draw the help and kick out for an open 3. Coaches can pass to make this a 5-0 offensive drill in addition to a game spot shooting drill. See More

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Basketball Play - 1-Hand Pass Follow Pick & Roll

1-Hand Pass Follow Pick & Roll

Kyle Gilreath 07/19/2013

Teaching your players to effectively and efficiently pass with 1 hand will improve skills and power and become overall better passers. The key to this drill is teaching both passers how to catch the ball and obsorb the force into your hand like a spring and fire the pass back from the shoulder area. When setting the pick & roll/pop many coaches force their players to roll opening their chest up so they never turn their back to the ball. I like to give my players the option to roll either way depending on their comfort level. (turning over their low shoulder or opening up). I personally prefer the quick turn (instead of opening to the ball) because it is quicker and the screener can create more space more efficiently. If they choose to turn over their low shoulder make sure they do it quickly and snap their head around first to locate the ball. Today I had each player make 3 shots from each spot/move and then repeated the drill on the right side. See More

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Basketball Play - Back Tip & Convert

Back Tip & Convert

Kevin Bruinsma 06/28/2013

This is a defensive drill that during my three years at Cleveland State we did a multiple times a week. It incorporates a lot of things and teaches/practices fundamentals while letting the guys get after it and be competetive. The back tip and convert drill allows you to learn how to back tip the ball properly and then transition immediatly into offense so you work on your 2 on 1 breaks. The key to this drill is the back tipper needs to sprint, and tip the ball up with his inside hand. Don't reach, just run the floor and tip the ball. A really great defense to offense drill while teaching a unique skill. See More

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