New Jersey Nets Transition - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

One of my favorite transition drills.  Got this from Coach Bob Hurley Sr. who I believe got it from the NJ Nets-hence the name NJ nets transition.  I like to use of shot clock to keep the offense aggressive.  6-7 seconds for the first trip and add a second or two each time so when it's 5-4 there are around 12 seconds to attack.  If you really need to condition a player always have them shoot the FT or start on the court as defense.  Keep score however you would like.  2's and 3's or points for O and D boards.  Run for 6-8 minutes or 15 if you really need to condition.  

  • Basketball Play - New Jersey Nets Transition
  • Basketball Play - New Jersey Nets Transition
  • 1 shoots FT

    x2 and x3 convert to offense

    1 converts to defense

  • After score or defensive rebound 1,2,3 transition 3-2 vs. x2 and x3. Keep adding 2 players each time the teams convert and build to 5-5