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Basketball Play - Circle Trap

Circle Trap

Kyle Gilreath 07/02/2013

The Circle Trap drill is one of the best drills to not only teach your offensive players how to handle traps under pressure, but it also teaches your defense how to trap without fouling. Offensively teach your players to be strong with the ball and how to create space. This drill also enforces the term "Fake a Pass Before you Make a Pass". Defensively trap with your feet and never allow splits. Keep your hands behind your elbows to prevent fouling. This drill also teaches the intercepter how to read the passer and try to anticipate the next pass. See More

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Basketball Play - 2 Ball 1 Ball Offense/Defense

2 Ball 1 Ball Offense/Defense

Daniel Murphy 05/30/2013

This is a challenging yet fun drill. You can set up a scoring system with rewards/consequences. Many ball handling drills follow a predictable pattern and do not involve a live defense. This drill causes the offense to make reads or create openings while at a slight disadvantage of dribble two balls. The defender must decide how aggressive they want to be in reaching for a steal, while maintaining balance and control of a basketball. See More

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Basketball Play - Schrempf Shooting

Schrempf Shooting

Daniel Murphy 05/29/2013

Saw Detlef Schrempf demo this on Youtube. It's one of my favorite shooting drills near the basket because it requires good footwork. If a player knows how to position their body and use their feet to set up a drop step, hook, and up and under they should be able to score near the basket. After catching and drop stepping, player 1 continues curling around the cone and catching a pass. The next shot is a catch and shoot hook. The third shot is and up and under. The fourth shot is if a player is denied a pass in the post they spins away from the defense for the lob pass. After getting the footwork down without defense then dummy defense should be applied. The defense should over play to allow the offense player to get a feel for the reads. As an offensive players skill and comfort level increases with the dummy defense, then the defense should increase their intensity. See More

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Basketball Play - 1-on-1 Closeout Drill

1-on-1 Closeout Drill

Kyle Gilreath 05/16/2013

During today's NBA Draft Combine on ESPNU, the Small Forwards were put through this excellent 1-on-1 Closeout Drills to test the players' offensive and defensive skills in isolation situations. I love this drill because it puts the players in a realistic situation closing out from help defense to a 1-on-1 situation. See More

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Basketball Play - Spread Ball Screen Drill Phases

Spread Ball Screen Drill Phases

Randy Sherman 06/27/2018

This series of teaching drill for spread ball screen offense begins as an intro to the modern big tips of the running slip and the pick & go. Begining 1v0, bigs learn the screening angle techniques. Phase the drill by adding guards who can practice pocket and hook passes. The drill is loaded all the way to 3v3 on a side. More Spread Ball Screen resources: Spread Ball Screen Offense Spread Ball Screen Entries #SBSoffense See More

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