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Basketball Play - Rim Run Drill

Rim Run Drill

Kyle Gilreath 08/27/2014

One reason many of the bigs out of the University of Florida have so much success professionally is that Head Coach Billy Donovan puts them through numerous drills from the NBA level to prepare them. This drill-set is from today's NBA Draft Combine and one that Coach Donovan utilizes very often with his talented bigs. Not only is this a great conditioning drill, but also allows you to put your bigs in multiple situations in small window. See More

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Basketball Play - Devil (Zone Offense - Set)

Devil (Zone Offense - Set)

Sebastian Wild 07/13/2014

-PG passes to wing -4 steps out to ball side corner -Wing passes to 4 (forward) -Ball side wing screens top of the zone -1replaces wing -4 kicks back to PG -Opposite forward screens the back of the zone -PG looks for the opposite wing for the shot -If the PG does not skip the ball, 4 screens the outside of the zone for 2 to cut through to the ball-side corner -Opposite forward ducks in or flashes -Ball side forward posts/seals deep See More

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Basketball Play - 2v2 Full Court Get Back

2v2 Full Court Get Back

Drew Hanlen 11/01/2013

Live 2v2 in the half-court. The Black Team starts by attacking the Red Team. As soon as the Black Team scores or gets stopped, one member from the Red Team has to take the ball out of bounds and inbounds to the coach at the top of the key, while the Black Team players that just played offense have to sprint back on defense. As soon as the coach at the top of the key receives the inbounds pass, he will pass to the coach on the opposite side of the court. Once the second coach receives the ball, he will hit either of the new players from the Red Team (3 or 4) and it will be live 2v2 against the Black Team players that sprinted back on defense. Offense to Defense. Defense to Inbound Passer. Inbound Passer and other Teammate to back of your team lines. Black Team vs Red Team. Keep track of points scored for six minutes. Loser has punishment for every point they lose by (sprints, defensive slides, closeouts, push ups, etc) Rules on Offense: Three dribbles MAX and one pass per possession. See More

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Basketball Play - UVA Motion

UVA Motion

Dana Beszczynski 03/30/2014

Tony Bennett is a rising star in the ranks of DI Coach's. The Cavaliers get a lot of credit for their number ranked defense, but their offense is like a machine running smoothly throughout the 40:00 of action. This Motion Offense utilizes the flare screen to keep the wheel moving as the Cavs look for either an open shooter or take advantage of penetration opportunities. The Cavaliers have it rolling and next up is Michigan State in the Sweet 16!! See More

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Basketball Play - Boise


Justin Scanson 01/22/2015

This is a great quick hitter that puts a 2-3 zone in a few tough situations. This play works best if 4 is a threat to shoot the 3 at the top of the key. Once 1 initiates the play and swings the ball, quick ball movement and spacing put x4 in a spot where they have to figure out to whom they want to give the wide open 3. See More

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Basketball Play - 5-Out Zone Continuity Offense ("cutters")

5-Out Zone Continuity Offense ("cutters")

Randy Sherman 02/12/2015

This is a simple five-out zone continutiy offense vs. 2-3 zone. It is designed to involve all players in short corner, high post. Good for a team with interchangable parts. Rules: After you pass from point to wing you flare away When the ball is passed from point to wing the player in the opposite corner flashes If the ball is on the wing, the weakside wing cuts to short corner and holds there so long as the ball remains on the wing. When the ball is at the point, the team is five-out Action repeats with every ball reversal! See More

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Basketball Play - Virginia - Backdoor Cut (Quick Hitter)

Virginia - Backdoor Cut (Quick Hitter)

Jake Presutti 03/22/2014

Viriginia ran this quick hitter in the ACC Championship game against Duke on Sunday. Virginia runs this set looking to get one of their guards a backdoor cut at the basket. UVA does a great job in their motion offense staying patient and looking for great shot on each possession. Their patience and hard cuts will leave the defense suseptible to backdoor cuts. See More

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Basketball Play - 1-on-1 Closeout Drill

1-on-1 Closeout Drill

Kyle Gilreath 05/16/2013

During today's NBA Draft Combine on ESPNU, the Small Forwards were put through this excellent 1-on-1 Closeout Drills to test the players' offensive and defensive skills in isolation situations. I love this drill because it puts the players in a realistic situation closing out from help defense to a 1-on-1 situation. See More

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Basketball Play - Tug


Justin Scanson 01/22/2015

We ran this play years ago when I was an assistant coach at Sentinel High School in Missoula Montana. This works great vs 2-3 zone. Key Point 1 - Swing the ball around the perimeter to shift the zone Key Point 2 - Timing is key, 3 should be coming off the back screen as 1 comes off ball screen. 1 dribble and throw it up See More

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Basketball Play - Waggle


Greg White 02/19/2015

4 screens down for 2. 2 rejects and comes off a waggle cut off 5's screen. 3 uses the pindown screen set by 4 5 "flips" the screen to set up a baseline attack for 2. 1 gets a flare screen from 3 and 4 sets a screen for 3 in the screen the screener action See More

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Basketball Play - NBA Closeout Drill

NBA Closeout Drill

Kyle Gilreath 10/16/2013

I saw this drill last week while watching the 2013 NBA Real Training Camp. The drill in frame 1 is how the Brooklyn Nets were shown performing this drill. The variation in Frame 2 came from the LA Clippers. I typically have my players circle the wagons during any live 5-on-5 action that starts in the half-court, but this drill is a great simulation to work on closing out at various angles during scramble situations. See More

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Basketball Play - Maccabi Tel Aviv FIST DOWN

Maccabi Tel Aviv FIST DOWN

Marc Skelton 08/14/2014

This Cleveland Cavaliers' coach David Blatt set is poetry. Everybody gets involved. The ball touches both sides of the floor- simutaneously breaking down the defense. What is great about this play is the backdoor cut is always open. Also, this is a fantastic offense to practice in the preseason. It will help your team read the defense a lot better and look for different ways to score. See More

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Basketball Play - PRICELESS


Marc Skelton 07/26/2014

This has been called "The Beautiful Play". The Spurs ran this at the end of the 3rd quarter in Game 6 of the WCF at OKC. The Spurs are winning 72-69 and have possession after a great steal and hustle play by Patty Mills. Coach Popovich calls the play. Manu gets the guys in the right position and waits the clock out. Around 7 seconds left on the clock Duncan sprints to screen Fisher. Manu dribbles left and hits Mills. Mills fires to Duncan. Duncan hits Boris in the corner for a three as the shot clock expires. The Spurs would go on to win Game 6 in overtime. This play includes end of quarter situations, communication, first class passing, and they did it on the road. Beautiful. See More

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Basketball Play - New Zealand Slob

New Zealand Slob

Marc Skelton 09/11/2014

New Zealand used this sideline out of bounds against Team USA in pool play of the FIBA World Cup. This belongs in your coaches' toolbox especially If teams switch screens. This play creates a nice mismatch near the basket. The Kiwis posted up the power forward and Steph Curry was helpless. See More

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