Perfect Layups - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Today's FastDraw Drill of the Day is "Perfect Layups". A great drill to work on communication and focus.

  • Basketball Play - Perfect Layups
  • Basketball Play - Perfect Layups
  • First player starts with ball out of bounds underneath. 2 sprints in towards the cone, does a hesitation/stutter and changes direction toward rim. 1 throws bounce bass to 2, who lays ball in off backboard. At the same time 7 sprints in with a change of direction at cone toward rim. 7 rebounds ball out of the net (CANNOT TOUCH FLOOR). 1 and 2 SPRINT to half-court. 7 is now inbounder and the above is repeated until you reach your goal. Goal number to reach is the number of players on the court, in this case it is 12; at 12 switch sides. (So the actual goal is 24). Misses, failure to sprint, ball hits floor, or no bounce pass=drill starts over. (Even if you have reached left side, start over on right side)